What is the feedback about ChinShine diamond cutting disk for granite and slate
Oct 25,2020

ChinShine would like to introduce the best diamond cutting disk for cutting slate and granite. People can check how customer buy diamond cutting disk and check the quality.

In 2018, we received an inquiry about the slate and granite diamond cutting disks,

I am Jesus Gomez, from ABC STONE Group, and I am writing you from Argentina.

May years ago, we bought slate and granite quarry in San Luis,Argentina to have our own production of a slate and granite products, now we are searching some diamond cutting disks for the factory in Argentina. We are using diamond cutting disks of 1200mm, 1000mm and 1600mm to sawn the granite/slate, we have an specific configuration which is working very well, and we buy the diamond disks in Italy.

We are looking for some professional diamond cutting disks suppliers who be able to produce the same quality cutting disks. if we put big orders, and to reduce the high price we are paying 500USD per unity.

During past year, we use around 320 diamond cutting disks, and we would be doing orders of around 100 granite diamond disks and 100 slate diamond disks to don´t put too much cost of transport.I have been seeing your products, and I have the feeling your company could help us.

If you think the same, I will send you some photos and more explainings, and if you are interested, I would send you a sample so, you can get the exactly configuration and quote us.

Large 1200mm Diamond Saw Blades


We are high developing company. Nearly 20 years, we have been producing diamond tools especially diamond segments and diamond cutting disks which are the initial products of our company. All of our engineers specialize in the study of superhard materials and all kinds of metal powders, we also technical-supported by the professor of Physics from our local university.

In our company, we have hundreds of component for producing diamond segments on the diamond disks, our engineers design the component according to different application, for example, the power and RPM of machine, the hardness and abrasiveness of stone. Only highly individualized design of component can help the users achieve the best cutting efficiency and minimized the cutting cost.

I know that the prices of the same stone has no big difference between different stone companies, it means that the way to be competitive is reducing cutting cost and reduce the waste of stone during cutting. We use the best steel called 75CR1 for the steel core of diamond disk, the steel core can be recycle-welded over 10 times, it means that for the first order you buy completed diamond cutting disk with segments for your granite and slates, next time you just need to buy diamond segments and weld them on the steel core when the segments are used up, so the steel cores are not wasted, and it is saving production cost to your company. And the shipping cost of diamond segment is lower than diamond cutting disk.

For this purpose, we usually suggest our customer buy a few pieces of diamond cutting disk for granite and slates to test quality first. Besides 1000mm, 1200mm and 1600mm diamond disks, we also produce 2500mm, 3500mm even bigger diamond cutting disk.

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