What is diamond stone saw blade?
Feb 10, 2019

Diamond stone saw blades are the diamond tools that practically used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, basalt and other natural stone blocks, slabs and tiles. The diamond stone saw blade is also well known as diamond cutting disc, diamond saw blade, diamond cutting blade. Diamond saw blade isn’t anything new as it has been the primary cutting and grinding stone for decades. Diamond saw blade, as the name suggests is used for cutting and sawing stone for various purposes. Different diamond segment formula are welded on blade core in order to deliver the right cutting results.

For medium size saw blade(250mm to 600mm), diamond stone saw blade is a power tool used for cutting various granite, marble, limestone, ceramic, concrete, and many more super hard material. There are different kinds of diamond saw blades including small hand-held cut-off saw, angle grinder saw, table saw, brige cutting machine, stone block cutting machine. The diamond stone saw blades often been used on stone saws, such as angle grinder machine, stone bridge machine, block cutting machine, this means that they have diamond segments welded on steel blade blank to the main working component of the saw blade.

The major resistance produced in cutting stone materials like granite and marble cause the high temperature and dust, it requires the technology to be cooled down the diamond stone saw blade and remove the chipping out, prolong their life and decrease the amount of dust. The operator of the diamond stone saw blade must be qualified to do the job, because it requires skilled experience in operating the stone machine.  For other hard material to be cut, use different diamond saw blades. There is unique diamond saw blade to match the exact requirement of every object to cut.

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