Diamond cutting disc is called diamond cutting blade, diamond saw blade etc. The name is different in different countries but the function is the same for cutting superhard materials like natural stone, concrete, plastic, porcelain and so on.

According to the production technique, diamond cutting discs can be distinguished as sintered diamond cutting disc, brazed diamond cutting disc, electroplated diamond cutting disc, laser welded diamond cutting disc.

According to different cutting materials, these diamond cutting disc can be distinguished as continuous diamond cutting disc, turbo diamond disc, segmented diamond disc, electroplated diamond cutting disc etc.

If you don't know how to choose the suitable diamond cutting disc for your work, please tell us the following information, let's send you recommendation.

1. Diameter of cutting disc such as 4", 4.5", 7" etc.

2. Cutting materials like granite, marble, concrete, porcelain etc.

3. Machine model for the cutting disc, for example angle grinder, electric cutter, bridge saw machine etc.

4. Requirement on the quality.

If you are purchasing the cutting discs for your works or you just need a few pieces of it, we suggest you choose premium quality ones. As the shipping cost is high, buying from ebay, Amazon would be more economical if you just buy small quantity. 

If you need it in big quantity and premium quality, or you buy the diamond cutting discs for sale, ChinShine is the best choice for you!

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