Correctly identifying the material (or object) you are going to cut is important factor in choosing concrete cutting blades.

For maximum cutting speed and blade life, you should match the concrete cutting blades as closely as possible to the material you're cutting. You need to know the concrete characteristics,  including the compressive strength, the size and hardness of the aggregate, the type of sand,  contain steel bars or not, the percentage of steel bars inside the concrete, and the diameter of the steel bars.

What if you will be cutting more than one type of concrete? We recommend choosing the concrete cutting blade based on the material you'll be working with most often or the material for which top concrete cutting blade performance is most important. ChinShine quality concrete cutting blades can cut a range of materials.

How to buy your concrete cutting blades?

In order to provide better and suitabler concrete diamond cutting blades for your work, please submit the following information while you sending inquiry to us,

1. Cutting object: asphalt, fresh/green concrete or cured/old concrete;

2. Contain steel or scree/pebble in the concrete or not, what is the

diameter of the steel and percentage;

3. Power of the cutter;

4. Round per minute.

More detailed information helps us produce higher quality concrete cutting blades for you.

We also provide free technique support while you are working with diamond blade for concrete, please email us or phone us, thanks.

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