What is the difference between Aliexpress and ChinShine Price
Apr 01,2022
It is no doubt that you can find lower prices at Alibaba and Aliexpress, the prices at the platforms must be attractive enough. 

Even we can quote you lower prices, but are you sure that you have confidence to buy diamond blades from alibaba or Aliexpress online? 

Diamond blades especially for cutting concrete, must be specially designed according to the actual application. With low price diamond blades, the cutting speed, life and safety is not guaranteed, just in case, when the blade meets steel rods inside the concrete and segments break off, the operator is hurt, it is very dangerous. And if the lifespan is very short, then it is not economical to buy it at all.

We have exported our concrete diamond blades to North America, Australia and Europe a lot, the quality has been acknowledged by all users, you can see the comment from customers who repeats ordering this month. 

We suggest customers buy a few pieces of diamond blades to test quality before  place big order, there is no big purchase risk for you.

If you want to compete other diamond tools sales companies with low prices, it is very hard for you to continue business and get profit. I think you understand it, good quality products always keep the customers stay with you even if the price is a bit higher.

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