Diamond grinding plate can be also called concrete grinding plates, we define the diamond grinding plate bigger grinding area than diamond grinding cup wheel & concrete grinding discs & concrete grinding wheel, It means the diameter of diamond grinding plate is bigger than other diamond grinding tools.

ChinShine diamond grinding plate consist of a metal base and attach a series of diamond grinding segments. The diamond grinding segments for the grinding plates are made from very soft bond, soft bond, medium hard bond, hard bond and very hard bond. The iron plate base is made from strong metal, which ensures long working life for the diamond grinding plate.

Diamond grinding plate is used on floor grinding machines to remove the adhesive residue, expoxy, paint, padding and other uneven coatin, or grinding concrete, terrazzo and stone floor, showing a flat floor with complete manufacturing method and process, ChinShine is capable of providing different types of diamond grinding plate for our customers.

ChinShine diamond grinding plates are designed for those famous brand floor grinding machine:

Husqvarna, HTC, werkmaster, Lavina, Prep/Master, Levetec and so on.

Grit: 16#, 20# 30/40#, 80#, 120#, 200#, 400# ...

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