• What is the difference between Aliexpress and ChinShine Price

    Apr 01,2022
    It is no doubt that you can find lower prices at Alibaba and Aliexpress, the prices at the platforms must be attractive enough.  Even we can quote you lower prices, but are you sure that you have confidence to buy diamond blades from alibaba or Aliexpress online?  Diamond blades especially for cutting concrete, must be specially designed according to the actual application. With low pric...
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  • The History of Diamond Tools and Diamond Saw Blades

    Jan 28,2022
    ChinShine, one of the most famous diamond tool suppliers in China. he was founded in 2001 on the basis of deep knowledge of natural stone, concrete and super hard materials, and he is well known for its high quality diamond saw blades. As the leading of diamond saw blade manufacturer, ChinShine Diamond Tools company receive a good reputation in domestic and abroad. Today, this essay will introduce...
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  • 6 tips for choosing a diamond core drill bit manufacturer

    May 29,2021
    Nowadays, more and more people have trouble buying the best diamond core drill bits. People must put more effort to conduct adequate background checks on the brands of diamond core drill bits on the market. It may takes time at first, but it will save you much time and effort during working. This article aims to provide you with useful tips to help you choose the best diamond core drill bits. 1. O...
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  • Which kinds of diamond powder for saw blade tools

    Mar 23,2021
    ChinShine use professional grade with variety range of industrial diamond powder for diamond saw blade. The HSD90 series is the same or above grade compared to the MBS970 and has the highest toughness and thermal toughness to be used for professional level of tools. The SND680 series is the same or a bit below grade compared to the MBS970 and has the extremely high toughness and thermal tough...
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  • What is diamond polishing pads?

    Feb 22,2021
    Diamond polishing pad is a specialized circular polishing pad that contains diamond crystal. People use diamond polishing pads to polish hard materials, such as stone floors, concrete floors, granite, marble ,stone surfaces, terrazzo floor, and so on. The advantages of ChinShine diamond polishing pad include durability and various application. Thanks to the diamonds included in the pads, it works ...
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  • How to improve the safety and cutting performance of diamond saw blades

    Feb 07,2021
    In the production of diamond tools, the use of diamond saw blade is certain dangerous. The diamond segment drop down during cutting may affects the performance of the blade and the operator'safety. Out of the protection and attention to human life, the safety is increasingly valued by manufacturers and users. Although the current Chinese policies and the diamond tools industry have not made clear ...
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  • How to maintain diamond saw blades?

    Jan 27,2021
    Over time, it has been founded that many customers now require sharp and wear-resistant diamond saw blades when purchasing them. ChinShine will not discuss the sharpness of diamond saw blade issue here today. When we buy diamond saw blades, we must understand the performance of diamond saw blades first. So do you know how to maintain the diamond saw blade? In fact, almost everything needs maintena...
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  • Why use diamond saw blade for cutting granite?

    Nov 24,2020
    Granite has become synonymous with the idea of a hard, durable and long lasting construction materials. Unlike metals and artificial materials, granite maintains its form for many centuries. The long lasting characteristics of granite include the pyramids in Egypt and parts of the Great Wall in China. These natural granite stone structures were built more than 1200 years. The durability of a commo...
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  • What is assembly diamond core drill bit for concrete | csdiamondtools.com

    Nov 22,2020
    Assembly diamond core drill bit, we can also called  3-parts diamond core drill bit, it is made up of crown(or drilling head), tube and coupling. It is easy for assembling and replacement for the crown. Diamond core bit segment size: Core bit segment length 24mm, segment thickness 3.5-5.5mm, segment height 10mm. Core bit Shape: Roof, Regular, Turbo, Cobalt, Arix, Aero, roof turbo, etc. C...
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