ChinShine owns a elite team professionally working on the research and production of diamond stone brush & abrasive brush for making antique stone. The team consists of several veteran engineers who have rich experience in producing diamond brushes, they devote all of their time to study and exploit the application area of antique diamond brushes. The good quality diamond brush from our company gives high ratio of price and performance, its grinding force and abrasive resistance is ahead throughout all similar products in domestic market. Therefore, these diamond brushes/abrasive brushes are widely exported and acknowledged to Europe, Asia, Middle-east and many other countries and regions.

The description of ChinShine abrasive brush and diamond brush

We are the manufacturer and supplier of abrasive brush, diamond brush, antique brush, the brushes are assembled by high quality stainless steel wire, special silicon carbide nylon wire and diamond brush bristle, these  great material form durable and economic antique brushes.

The main types of our stone brushes are frankfurt abrasive brush, frankfurt diamond brush, fickert diamond brush, fickert abrasive brush, round diamond brush, round abrasive brush, snaillock backer abrasive brush, steel wire brush, steel wire with SIC brush, etc.

The main specifications of stone brush: steel wire brush, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 180#, 240#, 320#, 500#, besides we have steel wire and nylon wire mixed brushes for post processing of flamed surface.

Abrasive brushes are widely used in processing antique stone surface, renovating natural surface of stone and making non-slip surface tile. They could be used on hand grinder, continuous grinding machine and floor renovating machine, etc.

Generally speaking, steel wire brushes and 36# abrasive brushes are frequently used for removing exterior loose objects and finalizing the design of stone slab surface. 46# 60# and 80# abrasive brushes are for coarse grinding, 120# 180# and 240# abrasive brushes are for coarse polishing, 320# and 500# abrasive brushes are for fine polishing to get a silky surface of stone slab. If it is the first time of you to use the brushes, you need to experiment every model beforehand and select the model according to stone type and desired grinding effect.

*Frankfurt brush is available for hand grinder, continuous grinding machine and floor renovating machine.

*Fickert brush is available for granite continuous grinding machine and floor renovating machine.

*Φ200mm round brush is available for hand grinder, continuous grinding machine and professional antique    stone production line.

*M14/M16 , 100mm and Φ110mm nut round brush is available for portable type manual grinder.

Why should you buy stone abrasive brush and diamond brush from ChinShine?

We have a professional team to research and produce abrasive brushes, we are the professional abrasive brush manufacturer and supplier, you can find any type of abrasive brush for stone processing and construction in our company.

Compared with normal stone brushes, our brush wire is longer and its concentration is better. This design increases the sharpness and abrasion resistance of brush wire.

The prices are very competitive. The lowest price of abrasive brush is US$1.5 per piece, we can produce all kinds of bastard brush in accordance with customers' samples and drawing. We can also design the length and density of brush wire according to customers' machine and quality requirement, the brush can be optimized to meet various demand.

We offer free samples to people who have sincere will to cooperate.

What is the benefit of ChinShine antique brush?

1. The brush wires are not easily fall off during work.

2. ChinShine strength stainless steel is used to fix the brush wire and avoid rustiness.

3. ChinShine curving brush wires are used to perform better.

4. Diamond grit inside the brush wire doesn't fall off in virtue of the bend.

5. The length and desity of brush wire is reasonably designed.

6. Brush wires are good in hardness and tenacity in wet condition.

7. The bending recovery of brush wire is excellent.

8. The abrasion resistance of brush wire is excellent.

Notice for using abrasive brush:

1. To avoid high temperature from high velocity friction bring about brush wire deformation, add water during brush working.

2. In pace with the process line of abrasive brush which is from coarse grit to fine grit, the pressure put on the brush holder should in descending order.

3. It should be reasonable if you just select some grits size of brush to use. Excessively cut middle link will affect the grinding effect instead.

4. Try to use steel wire brush first. Steel wire brush is used in the first production process to reduce the abrasion to abrasive brush wire by coarse slab surface and extend the lifespan of abrasive brush.

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