• Laser welding diamond saw blade manufacturing process
    Jan 03 , 2023

    Laser welding diamond saw blade manufacturing process

    Laser welded diamond saw blades are the main type of diamond saw blades for cutting reinforced concrete in the professional market, and people comes from large engineering construction field. ChinShine laser welded diamond saw blades have the advantages of good welding quality, small weld seam, narrow laser beam focus area, and precise effect on the interface between the steel core and the diamond segment. That is why the advantage of ChinShine laser welding diamond saw blade no deformation of the steel core after laser welding. ChinShine laser welded diamond saw blade production process: 1. Test each batch of powder provided by the famous manufacturer, and use them only after meeting the strict requirements. 2. Mix powders of different proportions (iron powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, copper powder...) evenly, granulate them into small particles. 3. Put the powder and diamonds into the automatic cold press machine. Cold press the powder into different diamond segment shapes according to the mold. 4. Fully automatic sintering machine hot-press sintered segments. 5. We weld our diamond segments to the steel core to make complete saw blades, laser weld diamond blades from diameter 115 mm to 2000 mm. Pay attention to the following items during laser welding. Select the focal length to ensure that the laser energy is focused on welding. Adjust welding power and speed, both must match each other. 6. The diamond saw blade is edged, and the sides and edges of the saw blade need to be edged. 7. The post-processing of the saw blade steel core is mainly to polish and paint the steel core to prevent future rust. 8. According to customer requirements, mark the use direction according to the cutting edge direction, printing customer or ChinShine logo, printing waring information on blade. 9. After all the diamond saw blades pass the inspection, they are put into boxes and wooden boxes. ChinShine – a professional manufacturer of diamond saw blades, if you want to know more about diamond saw blades, please feel free to tell us!
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  • The tips of diamond wire saw types and application - how to choose the right diamond wire for your concrete
    Dec 27 , 2022

    The tips of diamond wire saw types and application - how to choose the right diamond wire for your concrete

    ChinShine offers a large selection of diamond wire saw rope developed for cutting a wide range of materials such as concrete, stone, reinforced concrete, underwater steel/pipe cutting in a variety of industries. There is basically no limit towards the depth or shape of a wire saw application. Our diamond wire saw rope function well with all wire saw types on the market. We offer various types of diamond wires that has different diamond densities and diamond bead diameters including vacuum brazed, double bead vacuum brazed and sintered options. Ideal to use vacuum brazed diamond wire saw rope; ChinShine professional-grade diamond wires with vacuum-brazed beads are engineered to cut through steel, alloy and heavily reinforced concrete. Vacuum brazed diamond wires have been developed for intense professional use in specialist applications such as heavy reinforced concrete cutting, underwater steel and pipe cutting, offshore/nuclear cuttings etc. It can be very aggressive cutting with high wire tension and it provides maximum cutting speed and improved wear resistance in heavy cutting. Vacuum brazed diamond wire Ideal to use sintered diamond wire saw rope; ChinShine premium sintered diamond wire saw rope is designed to provide a good balance of lifetime and cutting speed. General purpose sintered diamond wire is made for handling all types of concrete/reinforced concrete cutting applications such as demanding demolition, building, and renovation work, among others. It performs best with medium- to high-powered wire saws. ChinShine  sintered wires feature at least 40 beads per meter for the longest wire lifespan possible. It is ideal diamond wire for cutting concrete and stone. Diamond wire saw rope is available in a variety of types, each with specific advantages and ideal usage scenarios depending on the nature of the project, the variables affecting the formation of diamond wire segment, and its individual features. Diamond wire saw cutters differ from others, such as the bandsaw, by using abrasion instead of saw diamond teeth. Thanks to the hardness of diamonds, the abrasion technique can be used to cut through almost any material that is softer than the diamond abrasive. The process also produces less kerf and wasted materials when compared with conventional solid blades. The wire cutter also allows circular cutting on all sides, preventing the wire from getting pinched and is therefore an effective method of resisting compressive forces while cutting a wide range of materials. Vacuum Brazed Beads To improve the quality of the braze bond, vacuum brazed beads are produced in a brazing oven. The braze, often known as "paste" is a combination of various metal alloys. Some titanium alloys are used in active brazing, that when cured produces carbides. Vacuum brazed diamond beads is a brazing method that fixes the diamond powder on the bead matrix. This method is more environment friendly compared to electroplated wires which causes pollution. Vac...
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  • What is the difference between laser welded and silver welded diamond saw blades?
    Oct 30 , 2021

    What is the difference between laser welded and silver welded diamond saw blades?

    Laser welded diamond saw blade and silver welded diamond saw blades(brazed) are designed for professional user who requires superhard materials and regular cutting of a wide range of hard and abrasive materials, such as building materials, marble, granite, concrete ,asphalt, brick, quartz, limestone,and more natural stones and so on. What is Silver Welded Diamond Saw Blades? Silver welded diamond saw blades are also known as high frequency welded diamond saw blades, you can also call it brazed diamond saw blade. The diamond segments and the steel core are rigidly welded together by silver welding solders. The solders melt under high temperature by a high frequency welding machine. Diamond segments on blade core is replaceable,it means after the diamond segments wear off, you can weld new diamond segments on blade core once more. That is why they are more economical than the laser welded diamond blades. Silver welded diamond blades are use in Stone industry mostly. Large diameter available only, usually from dia. 250mm to 4000mm. Silver welded diamond saw blades is more economic than laser welding blades. Silver welded diamond saw blade Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades Laser welded diamond blades are made by the most advance and highly automatic laser welding technology. Diamond segments are firmly welded to the steel core by laser micro-fusion. Laser welded diamond saw blades are the most powerful diamond blades for they heavy tough bonding, excellent stability, fast cutting and durable life. After the diamond segments wear off, the blade core can't be used for welding once more. They even have an extraordinary performance on dry cutting without segment dropping. The most advantage for laser welding blades is SAFE, the diamond segments not easy drop down during cutting. Different materials and purpose of use require different diamond density, type of diamond segments and even type of slots. General purpose: Better use laser welded diamond blades, they are used for cutting tiles, bricks, concrete blocks, slates, stones or other building materials. People use handheld saw machine mostly. Laser welded blade can protect the users in case of injury by the dropping segments. Concrete: Better use laser welding diamond blades. For cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, wall cutting, new and fresh concrete, asphalt and other hard and non-abrasive materials. Please click concrete cutting blades...... Natural Stones: Better use silver welded diamond saw blades, most of blades are used on bride saw machine or other heavy saw machine. Such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, etc. Laser welding diamond blades Related Articles: 1.Solutions for diamond saw blade problems -Tips & Troubleshooting 2.How to maintain the diamond saw blade? 3.What is the affection on distance of diamond segments? 4.How to improve the safety and cutting performance of diamond saw blades? 5.How people talking about ChinShine diamond cutting disks? 6. Why the diamond segments dr...
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  • What is the advantage of ChinShine diamond saw blade?
    Oct 05 , 2021

    What is the advantage of ChinShine diamond saw blade?

    ChinShine diamond tools corporation has been occupied in research, development and production of diamond saw blade for stone and concrete industry for over 20 years and has built excellent reputation around the world. In view of huge force which diamond tools have to resist during utilization, the high quality diamond and metal powder is used, together with superior equipments from Dr.Fritsch in Germany. ChinShine has achieved a high-level diamond tools into the market, creating a full line of tools including diamond saw blade, diamond blades for concrete, diamond segments, diamond wire saw,diamond core drill bit, diamond grinding cup wheel , diamond polishing pads, diamond fickert block and other professional stone cutting tools, grinding tools, abrasive tools and polishing tools. The diamond saw blade is made of diamond segment and steel blade core. Diamond saw blade is used for cutting granite ,marble, concrete, ceramic ,natural stone and other super hard materials. The cutting efficiency of diamond saw blade is high and this type of diamond saw blade has a longer service life than similar products. Welcome new and old customers to call for advisory negotiate. This type of diamond saw blade is produced by high-strength HD series of Yellow River single crystal diamond and high-quality metal matrix ( such as Cu, Co, Ni, Ti, Wu - Fe, etc.). After mature design, cold pressing molding and sintering processing, a high-quality diamond saw blade is finished. The advantage of ChinShine diamond saw blade: 1. High-strength diamond is able to decrease, diamond breakage rate of diamond saw blade in the work of the cutting tools. It also can increase the bite force. The sharpness of the cutting tools, cutting speed and the efficiency are high. 2. High-quality metal matrix is able to hold diamond hard, It also can reduce the rate of falling off while the diamond saw blade is cutting. The diamond segment  has a good wear-resisting coefficient and ChinShine diamond saw blade has a longer service life. 3. According to the working of diamond saw blade, the diamond segments are designed as M type, W Shape, turbo shape, Arix aero, cobalt segment, Roof Type, etc. which can enhance the cutting stability of the diamond saw blade and make the blade not wandering in the work. 4. Mature production technology and strict quality control make each batch of diamond saw blade produced by ChinShine factory meet all customer requirements. Related Articles: 1.Solutions for diamond saw blade problems -Tips & Troubleshooting 2.How to maintain the diamond saw blade? 3.What is the affection on distance of diamond segments? 4.How to improve the safety and cutting performance of diamond saw blades? 5.How people talking about ChinShine diamond cutting disks? 6. Why the diamond segments drop down?
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  • The principle of diamond wire saw cutting
    Jun 02 , 2021

    The principle of diamond wire saw cutting

    In the 1990’s, in order to solve the processing problem of large size silicon wafer, jigsaw machining technology are widely used to cut large size silicon wafer into blocks and pieces in the international marketing. Early jigsaw machining technology applied bare wire and free abrasive. In the process of machining, the free abrasive are added into wire and mechanical parts as the third party to cut. This technique is successfully used in processing of silicon and silicon carbide. In order to further shorten processing time, as well as on other hard material and ceramic, diamond abrasive will be fixed to a metal wire in a certain way, which compose a fixed diamond wires saw. As shown in figure, cutting lines with high-speed reciprocating motion drive the slurry to the cutting area, which makes the abrasive particles (SiC particles) in the mortar and the surface of silicon rod make high speed grinding. Because the abrasive particles have very sharp edges and its hardness is greater than the hardness of silicon rods, the contact area of silicon rod and diamond wires saw are grinded out gradually by mortar. Thus the effect of cutting will be achieved, and meanwhile the mortar also can take away a lot of hot produced in the grinding. In the process of cognition of diamond wire saw cutting mechanism, many researchers believe that the micro cutting movement of diamond grits is a scroll and embedded process. They put forward the "scroll - embedded" model. ChinShine reachers put forward diamond wire sawing force drives on the abrasive grits rolling along the cutting surface, squeezing and embedded abrasive cutting surface at the same time. Consequently there is a flake piece of chip and surface crack, forming the big cutting function. ChinShine researchers pointed out that in "scroll - embedded" model, the particle movement also includes scratches, in addition to the rolling and embedded. All three work together for cutting. Bhagavat and some researchers considered the effect of pulping in this model and believe that the diamond saw wire leads free abrasive cutting silicon ingot of small area, and the movement of diamond wires saw and grinding pulping form a elastic fluid dynamic environment. They can use the finite element method (fem) to analysis the elastic fluid dynamics model of diamond wires saw and silicon ingot to get the function of diamond wire walking speed, viscosity of grinder and cutting conditions. Then they draw the conclusion: pulping film thickness is greater than the average particle size, is the flow of the abrasive cutting. Related Articles: 1.How ChinShine customers comment on diamond wire saw? 2.Why South Korean Companies are the Main Competitor Of China Diamond Saw Blades? 3.The Principle of Diamond Wires Cutting from China Diamond Wires Saw Suppliers? 4.Why should you buy diamond wires from ChinShine? 5.ChinShine Quarry diamond wire saw for granite marble 6. 12mm Rubber Spring diamond wire for granite stone quarry
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