• The reason why diamond saw blades often fail to cut
    Jan 15 , 2021

    The reason why diamond saw blades often fail to cut

    In the process of using the diamond saw blade, it is often found that the cutting cannot be carried out. In our production, this situation is attributed to the insufficient exposure of the diamond in the diamond segment。 As mentioned above, the cutting process is the process of constant exposure and constant shedding of diamond. The key is the ability of metal powder to hold diamonds, the cobalt is the most import in metal powder. In many cases, the diamond saw blade cannot cut because the diamond in the surface has fallen off, and the diamond inside has not been exposed or only exposed little bit. Whether the cutting object is easy or not, in the cutting process mainly depends on the density of the cutting object. The more sparse the density is and the less hardness is, the easier it is to cut, such as red bricks, concrete, refractory bricks, etc. The more compact the density and the higher the hardness, the more difficult it is to cut, such as marble, granite, basalt, etc. That is why different cutting objects need to select different diamond saw blades. When metal powder has good holding ability on diamond segment, we need to sharpen the diamond saw blade first. The most commonly used and easiest way to sharpen the edge is to cut red bricks, concrete or refractory bricks for a short time, so that the diamond could exposed in time. On the other side, the sparse density can be used to sharpen the diamond saw blade, of course, cutting is not a problem. For cutting this kind of low density, it's good as long as it is durable. Related Articles: 1.Solutions for diamond saw blade problems -Tips & Troubleshooting 2.How to maintain the diamond saw blade? 3.What is the affection on distance of diamond segments? 4.How to improve the safety and cutting performance of diamond saw blades? 5.How people talking about ChinShine diamond cutting disks? 6. Why the diamond segments drop down?
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  • What is the affection on distance of diamond segments?
    Oct 15 , 2020

    What is the affection on distance of diamond segments?

    The distance or space affect the diamond disc cutting performance. Different blade slot and segment quantity will decide the distance among the diamond segments. Narrow slot cores:distance between diamond segments is 1/16" or less. Narrow slot is specified a smooth cutting which is essential as in cutting marble tile, glass and ceramic materials, porcelain. The cutting action will be smoother than the continuous rim diamond disc with the bonus of increase disc life. Standard Slot Blade:key slot: typically have 1/16" to 3/16" spacing between diamond segments. This recommended for general purpose cutting on materials where chipping and  smooth surface finish is not very important. Key slot/medium distance will tend toward free, fast, cutting efficiency and provide better circulation of coolant. The key slot or standard slot is adopted by the stone diamond cutting disc, such as granite diamond cutting disc. Wide Slot Blade:typically have slot width 5/16" to 3/8" and segment spacing to 1/2" or more. This type provides maximum chip removal and coolant circulation and reduces further the contact area. The wide slot diamond cutting disc is excellently suited to soft, loosely bonded, abrasive materials. Such as asphalt diamond cutting disc, wall cutting disc. Related Articles: 1.Solutions for Diamond Blade Problems -Diamond Saw Blade Tips & Troubleshooting 2.What is diamond blades? 3.Use dry or wet diamond blades While Cutting? 4.How do you choose the perfect diamond blade? 5.How people talking about ChinShine diamond saw blade?
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  • Why use vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel disc for marble?
    Aug 10 , 2020

    Why use vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel disc for marble?

    Related Name: Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel, Vacuum brazed diamond profile grinding wheel Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel is one of the most popular for marlbe edge grinding, it is applied with fused diamond technology. Its surface is high temperature welded diamond, not corundum abrasive of grinding wheel. Diamond is the hardest substance, with high hardness and sharpness, and a higher removal rate of the material. In addition, the new generation of diamond tool manufacturing technology – fusion technology can ensure that the diamond exposure is very high (up to 50%) and still firmly welded. Vacuum brazed diamond profile grinding wheel for marble is popular in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and other middle east countries. The surface of a vacuum brazed diamond grinding  profile wheel is covered with a layer of diamond. Why the working life is so long? The key factor of the long life of marble vacuum brazed diamond grinding disc is technology and equipment. The new generation of welding technology ensures the high strength welding of the diamond. The high-performance vacuum brazed equipment ensures the excellent performance of the diamond. This ensures that diamond particles wear little during the use and do not fall off. The service life is greatly extended. What does pollution-free mean for the vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel for marble? It means that during grinding process to marble slabs, vacuum brazed diamond profile grinding wheel will not lose sand and wear. No much chipping is produced, which is good for workers’ health. In addition, the traditional diamond segmented grinding wheels are not so fast.
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  • 12mm Rubber Spring diamond wire for granite stone quarry
    Jul 04 , 2020

    12mm Rubber Spring diamond wire for granite stone quarry

    Diamond wire is more and more popular in cutting granite quarry. Compared with diamond saw blade and diamond chain saw, the diamond wire has the following advantages: * Higher efficiency * Produces less kerf and wasted materials, which is economical and saves cost. Why choose ChinShine diamond wire for granite stone? Imported steel wire cable from Italy, high strength and antiflex performance. Rubber + Spring + 12mm diamond wire beads, designed for cutting all kinds of hard granite quarry. Outstanding diamond beads formula for cutting efficiently. Diamond wire for granite stone Specifications Application For cutting granite quarry efficiently Components Rubber + Spring Diameter of Beads 12mm Technology of Beads Sintered Beads number per meter 40 Beads per meter Related Articles: 1.How ChinShine customers comment on diamond wire saw? 2.Why South Korean Companies are the Main Competitor Of China Diamond Saw Blades? 3.The Principle of Diamond Wires Cutting from China Diamond Wires Saw Suppliers? 4.Why should you buy diamond wires from ChinShine? 5.ChinShine Quarry diamond wire saw for granite marble
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  • Buy Now: Low Shipping Cost to Save Customers Money
    May 20 , 2020

    Buy Now: Low Shipping Cost to Save Customers Money

    Due to the virus situation of epidemic, we offer some special prices for several products. As the air freight keeps going up, to save purchase cost for the clients, we can deliver the diamond tools by train or door to door by sea. The shipping time is 20-30 days. We will also pay the import duty and taxes for the customers. If you have purchase plan of any diamond tools, please prepare the order in advance and avoid any delay, thank you!
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