• Buy Now: Low Shipping Cost to Save Customers Money
    May 20 , 2020

    Buy Now: Low Shipping Cost to Save Customers Money

    Due to the virus situation of epidemic, we offer some special prices for several products. As the air freight keeps going up, to save purchase cost for the clients, we can deliver the diamond tools by train or door to door by sea. The shipping time is 20-30 days. We will also pay the import duty and taxes for the customers. If you have purchase plan of any diamond tools, please prepare the order in advance and avoid any delay, thank you!
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  • What is diamond saw blade for Dekton and Sintered stone Slabs
    May 03 , 2020

    What is diamond saw blade for Dekton and Sintered stone Slabs

    Dekton is one of the hardest artifical stone in the world, sintered stone is similar to Dekton, but not that hard and the price is cheaper than Dekton. High-Quality Dekton diamond saw blade should be used for bridge saw or table saws with fast and chip-free cutting. ChinShine makes the superior cost performance with reduced noise levels for the dekton saw blade, it can also be Used On Crystallized Glass and Other Vitreous Materials Uniquely Designed blade core Is Made of Two Hardened Steel pieces with a thin Copper Sheet Laminated Between Them, we called it silent diamond saw blade.This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application. Available in 12”, 14”, 16”,18” and 20” Equipped with A 60mm Arbor and Comes with A 50mm Adapter ring.Other adapter rings are available to reduce the arbor size.The diamond segment height is 10mm. Free Re-Tipping Service for long working Life The ChinShine diamond saw blade for Dekton and Sintered stone is a technologically advanced diamond saw blade that produces excellent cuts while achieving superior cost-performance with reduced noise levels. Specialtop quality diamond grits and a newly developed bonding system along with a narrow segment slot and fish hook laser-cut expansion slot design, minimizes the chipping on the sharp edges of Dekton and sintered stone. Related Articles: 1. How to choose good quality diamond segments? 2. ChinShine Solutions for Diamond Blade Problems -Diamond Saw Blade Tips & Troubleshooting 3. What is diamond stone saw blade? 4. How to make a good quality diamond saw blade?
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  • Important Notice - Xiamen Stone Fair 2020 is Postponed to October
    Apr 08 , 2020

    Important Notice - Xiamen Stone Fair 2020 is Postponed to October

    Dear ChinShine Clients, It has been 71 days since the first notice of postponement announced on January 28, 2020. The pandemic forces the world to a brief pause and isolates us physically, yet it draws us closer together and closer to love than ever before. During the past few weeks, many friends sent regards, inquiries and worries as well as shared first-hand information with us. We sincerely thank you for your patience, understanding and great support over this tough period. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of exhibitors, visitors and partners for Xiamen Stone Fair. We have been monitoring the global situation of COVID-19 closely. After deliberate consideration and evaluation, three decisions were made as follows:  1. The 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair is further postponed to October 27-30, 2020. 2. The 21st China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be scheduled on May 18-21, 2021. 3.  An online platform, "Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair" will be launched on June 6, 2020 with uninterrupted service throughout the year.  2020 – A Further Postponement Until now, the situation in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19 in China has continued to improve, with the normal order of work and life seeing fast resumption. However, the global situation is still under uncertainty. We care much for all exhibitors, visitors and partners. But from what we have been going through in China, we believe that with joint efforts, the pandemic will be controlled and prevented soon around the world. At the moment, keep waiting is a choice that has to be done. Xiamen Stone Fair will stand with the whole industry until the dawn is breaking and welcome you with a belated but successful annual reunion in October. 2021 – Moving Forward Steadily —— Inevitably, the global economy is influenced by the pandemic to some extent. It is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for the stone industry. Rebuilding confidence, taking proactive actions and moving forward steadily are crucial to minimize the impact caused by the pandemic. Therefore, the Organizing Committee decided to schedule Xiamen Stone Fair 2021 on May 18-21, leaving a preparation time between two editions, in the hope of generating more opportunities for the industry and ensuring an orderly production and trade cycle. Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair – Never Stop —— During the past 20 years, Xiamen Stone Fair has been committed to serving as a platform for the stone industry in communication and presentation. Given the face-to-face activities are restricted at present, how to connect exhibitors and visitors beyond time and space becomes a problem to be solved urgently. Therefore, Xiamen Stone Fair makes a decision to launch an online platform, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair, as an upgraded service and a warm-up for the October event. As a virtual platform, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair aims to provide an online preview of the show, with the intention of offering exhibitors to showcase prod...
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  • Break News: Influence by Coronavirus, ChinShine Open Factory Till Feb.10th, 2020
    Feb 05 , 2020

    Break News: Influence by Coronavirus, ChinShine Open Factory Till Feb.10th, 2020

    Affected by a novel coronavirus, Chinese government announced all enterprises will remain closed till February 16, 2020.  Our sales marketing department will start to work on Feb.10th. Customers' inquiry and email will be replyed in 24 hours; After Sales Service is always available; new order about diamond segment, diamond saw blade, diamond grinding cup wheels could be complete in short time, but other diamond tools maybe delayed. China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. ChinShine company take it seriously and follow the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The atmosphere around remains optimistic to some extent. The epidemic will be eventually controlled and killed. Apparently the coronavirus issue can't be resolved in short period. Regarding diamond wire, diamond grinding shoes and concrete diamond blades order, we are afraid that the schedule of your order may be changed due to the delay of production. We'll keep you updated about the production schedule. The delayed shipment is not just from us, but from the sub vendors, shipping company and all other related support systems. Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated. Any questions, please send email: sales@csdiamondtools.com, Mobile/WhatsApp: +86-133-2887-5227 ,You can get a response within 24 hours.
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  • NOTICE: The peak season is coming, order might be delayed
    Oct 08 , 2019

    NOTICE: The peak season is coming, order might be delayed

    As winter is coming, to obey "Paris Agreement",  reduce pollution and protect environment, Chinese government strictly supervisory control the production and output of factories, our manufacturing cycle is seriously prolonged and the lead time will be delayed. In addition, Chinese Traditional new year of 2020 comes earlier than ever, all customized products(large diamond blades, diamond core drill bit, parts of diamond grinding cup wheel) should be released to production department around November 1st, otherwise we can't promise lead time. The lead time of diamond segments, small diamond blades and stocked products is not affected much. The next customized production will be about Feb. 15, 2020 after Chinese Traditional new year. Customers need large diamond saw blades, large quantity of diamond tools, or CUSTOMIZED order,please place orders in about November, or the production time might be delayed! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Best Wishes! ChinShine Sales Team I
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