How to maintain diamond saw blades?
Jan 27,2021
Over time, it has been founded that many customers now require sharp and wear-resistant diamond saw blades when purchasing them. ChinShine will not discuss the sharpness of diamond saw blade issue here today.

When we buy diamond saw blades, we must understand the performance of diamond saw blades first. So do you know how to maintain the diamond saw blade?

In fact, almost everything needs maintenance. Like human body, brand-name leather shoes and leather clothing... Our diamond saw blades also need to be maintained. Let's learn with our engineers!

Diamond saw blades (granite saw blades, marble saw blades, concrete saw blade, etc) do not require frequent maintenance like leather garments. However, if you want the diamond saw blades to have a good use effect with fast cutting, you need to pay attention to the maintenance. After maintenance, not only the appearance of the diamond saw blade becomes more beautiful, which is also conducive to improving the quality of the diamond saw blade.

There are more and more consumers of diamond saw blades while many factory workers only know how to use it, but don’t pay attention to the maintenance of the diamond saw blade. Some even know nothing about the maintenance method of the diamond saw blade, which leads to the lifespan of the diamond saw blade is greatly reduced, and its sharp and durable cost-effectiveness cannot be played.

large diamond saw blade maintenance

Firstly, when transporting diamond saw blade, the diamond saw blade should be protected, delivery carefully, and must not be dropped drow during delivery. Since the diamond saw blade core can be reused, Maintaining the blade core is equivalent to buy a new diamond saw blade cheaply. If the blade core is deformed, the diamond segments cannot be welded on once more. 

Secondly, before installation the diamond saw blade, carefully check the cutting object, the speed requirements of the diamond saw blade, and the amount of water added.

It should be installed well during installation. If the diamond saw blade has counterbore/countersink, make sure that the installation is not deviated and the screws are screwed in place. Otherwise, it is easy to cause edge chipping, diamond segment broken, and damage to the diamond saw blade during cutting.

Thirdly, after complete the using of diamond saw blade, if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to unload it, apply anti-rust oil, and pack it in a box to prevent the diamond saw blade and diamond segments from rusting.

AT last, put the diamond saw blade upright or horizontally, and remember not to press it with gravity.

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