What is laser Welded diamond blade?
Dec 03, 2018

What is laser welding diamond blade? What is the advantage of laser welding blade?

Laser welded diamond blade is a blade that is manufactured through welding method of Laser. Diamond segments and blade blanks are welded by using laser technology. Laser is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and it is used when silver welding is difficult to perform.

The biggest distinction among laser welding diamond blade, sintered diamond blade and brazed diamond blades are welding strength. Laser welded diamond blades are ideal for concrete cutting, or dry cutting, because the diamond segments maybe drop off during cutting concrete.

Laser welded Diamond Blade will usually have a longer life span and stronger cut than brazed diamond blade as the bond between the segment and core is significantly stronger, which ultimately results in a higher quality blade, brazed diamond blade and sintered diamond blade are usually for natural stone cutting.

If you are tied between purchasing a laser welded diamond blade, or brazed diamond blade; you had better choose laser welded diamond blade, because it is more safer and efficient. Laser welded diamond blades typically have a 35% longer life span and this is a result of the stronger weld created by the laser welding process. You just have to consider if the price difference is worth the extra efficiency and longer life span.

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