Why the diamond segments drop down?
Sep 25, 2016

Why the diamond segments drop down? 

First of all, you must choose a reliable diamond saw blade manufacturer. A large and powerful diamond tools manufacturer has very few or almost no mistakes on welding segments.

In addition, the following points will directly affect the welding of diamond segment.

1. Diamond segment formula. The formula determines the sharpness and working lifespan of the diamond saw blade, as well as the stable sintering, welding and so on.

2. Hot pressing sintering process during prodcing the segments. The temperature and pressure during the sintering process, and the smooth mold can improve the flatness and smoothness of the diamond segment, even the performance of diamond segment. It can also ensure that the diamond segment after the hot pressing sintering process has uniform specifications and consistent quality.

3. Saw cutting machine.

4. Improper operation.

5. Different cutting objects.

6. Blade blank quality.

diamond segment welding and testing

Why does the diamond saw blade drop its segment during cutting? Finally, ChinShine Tools’s original CCD composite high-frequency welding process can also reduce the impact of high temperature on the performance of diamond segment. At the same time, it has an exclusive flux formula and sliver solder that can make the diamond segment welded strongly,each blade must pass the welding strength test, ChinShine ensure each piece of diamond saw blade welded perfectly before sending off.  

ChinShine has continued to innovate its technology for more than 20 years, and the probability of dropping segment has reach to 0.1%. This data comes from the market and has been tested by the market. It is absolutely trustworthy!

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