Why South Korean Companies are the Main Competitor Of China Diamond Saw Blades?
Jun 07,2020

Nowdays, the main competitor of Chinese diamond saw blade is located in the South Korea.

Diamond saw blade and diamond tools were started from the earliest Europe and the United States, then to Japan, South Korea. Now the diamond saw blades manufacturing center has moved to China, Chinese manufacturer produce the largest quantity of diamond saw blades in the world now. Since the Chinese diamond saw blade enter the international market, they have win the market quickly, because of the price and quality. The next step is face to the Korean competition, not just diamond saw blades, but also diamond segment, diamond core drill bits , etc.

For the competition with South Korea company, beside the product cost-effective, the innovation is more important, the innovative engine has been developed in South Korea, including South Korea recently launched a number of new technologies such as the orientation of the new technology, Arix diamond segments. At this point, our gap is greater than the cost of the diamond saw blades. If new diamond saw blades are invented by China in the future, they will apply for a patent in the United States, Europe. In addition to China no one can produce, then naturally there is no anti-dumping problem. When the diamond saw blades become the only choice of a country's needs, there will be no anti-dumping. To avoid anti-dumping, improve the ability to innovate is the most important.

south korean diamond saw blade

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