How to choose good quality diamond segments?
Jun 10, 2017
ChinShine has strong ability to research and produce special diamond segments for cutting various natural stone, such as quartz, andesite, basalt, sandstone, marble. Customized service order is also welcomed.

In this article, how to choose the best diamond segments will be introduced briefly.

1.The particle size of diamonds: the particle size of diamond is big and single, there will be a sharp diamond and its cutting efficiency is good. However, the bending strength of diamonds will decrease. When the particle size of diamond is small and different sizes are mixed, the durability of diamond segment is better, but the efficiency will decrease. Considering above factors, the choice of diamond segment grit size in 50/60 relatively is appropriate.

2.The concentration distribution of diamonds: in a certain range, when the concentration of diamond changes from low to high, the sharpness of diamond segment and its cutting efficiency will increase, and the working life will extend gradually. However, when the concentration is too high, diamond segments will be blunt. When using different effects of parts of the diamond tools and using different concentrations (i.e., in the middle layer can be used in three-layer or multi-layers structure more lower concentration), a middle groove is formed on the work of the cutting tools, which is good for preventing deflection of diamond segments, it is much better for improving the quality of stone cutting.

3.The intensity of diamond segment:
The intensity of diamond segment is an important index of performance of cutting. High intensity makes diamond not easy to be broken. Abrasive particle are polished on working, the sharpness will decrease, which leads to the deterioration of the cutting performance; When the intensity of diamond segment is not enough, diamond is easy to break after shock. So the intensity of diamond segments should be in 130 to 140 N.

ChinShine(CS) Company has been occupied in research, development and production of diamond segments for stone & construction industry for over 20 years and has built excellent reputation around the world.

the best diamond segments

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