ChinShine diamond grinding tools application for concrete & floor
Mar 18, 2016
ChinShine concrete diamond grinding tools are made of premium diamonds in a consistent of high concentration. Our major diamond grinding tools include: PCD diamond grinding tools, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond grinding plates, diamond grinding shoes, diamond grinding disc, concrete polishing pads, etc.

The benefits by using ChinShine diamond grinding tools:
1. Fine grinding pattern without scratches.
2. Excellent tool working lifespan.
3. Good working speed, fast grinding.

4. A series of diamond grinding tool are available for different floor grinding machine.

5. OEM Service is acceptable.

Please find following different application ranges for the use of our floor diamond grinding tools. As you might be faced with new and different problems on your projects, please contact us, our engineers will send you the professional suggestions.

Our diamond segments are well welded on different iron base for an excellent working speed and working lifespan. Please find following suggestions for a selection of the right diamond grinding tools for your application:

soft concrete, abrasive/sandy/soft materials for example green concrete or screed

medium hardness concrete

hard concrete or screed
very hard concrete or screed
PCD – Split or PCD segments for coatings/glue/paintings...

These diamond tools must be matched to the floor grinding machine in use. We offer the following tools:

diamond grinding shoes

Diamond grinding shoes

250mm diamond grinding plates

Ø 250 mm diamond grinding plates with an universal connector for single disc grinding machines

Our diamond grinding plates are produced with right bond segments and PCD which are perfectly suitable for:

1. Light sanding and grinding down of screed, concrete, partly coatings and fillers
2. Leveling out uneven surfaces, coarse grits are used for the segments.
3. Light sanding of terrazzo floors and design screed
4. Grinding down of Epoxy or PU – coatings , better use PCD diamond grinding plate.
Please contact us if you require grinding tools with coarser or finer grit sizes.

PCD grinding tools have the advantage over diamond grinding tools that they do not get smeared up, they are grinding very fast and long working life. They are used for removing  adhesives, filler materials, bitumen, sealants, color layers, epoxy, elastic materials, Bitumen, glue, PU/Epoxy/Coating, etc. Tough and durable tool with PCD – splinters for very aggressive grinding with a coarse grinding pattern.

The PCD grinding tools such as: PCD diamond grinding cup wheels, PCD grinding shoes, PCD diamond grinding plates, etc.

Further information to these products you will find the following diamond grinding tools.
As an alternative to diamond grinding plates, the following diamond grinding cup wheels can be used on floor grinding machines:
Grinding cup  “Double Row”
Grinding cup  “Tornado”
Grinding cup  “Turbo”
Grinding cup  “Fan Shape”

PCD Grinding Cups

concrete diamond grinding cup wheels

ChinShine can also makes the diamond grinding cup wheels for grinding the edge and corner areas. Diamond grinding cups are often used on hand held machines for grinding edge- and corner areas.

Other available concrete diamond grinding tools includes: bush hammer plate, concrete grinding disc, etc.

For more information about the polishing of different surfaces please follow this link:  Polishing

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