Where to buy China diamond core drill bits from manufacturers directly?
Sep 06,2020

A very important element to make good quality diamond core drill bit is that should collect quality feedback from a large number of users and adjust the diamond core bit segment/tips formula/bond according to the test result. As a professional China diamond core drill bit manufacturer, ChinShine has been studying the feedback of thousands tests by incipient customers, and has developed 8 formula for different customers demand.

ChinShine provide one general purpose diamond core drill bits for various asphalt and reinforced concrete with hard/soft aggregates or abrasive material, even the concrete contain cobblestone. No matter what model number the concrete is (like international standard concrete C15 C20 C25 C30 C35 C40 C45 C50 C55 C60 C65 C70 C75 C80) and how much steel bars, stone or pebble inside it, the diamond core drill bits are forceful to work.

There is another extremely sharp arix diamond core drill bit, it is rapid and smooth cutting arix diamond segments for universal use and suitable for drilling superhard concrete which has high percentage of steel bars, arix diamond core drill bit is popular in Europe and America;

Another kinds of formula is long life which has extremely high durability, it is popular in developing countries. The price is more competitive than arix core bits.

ChinShine provides all threads of diamond core drill bits for different core drill machine like automatic and hand hold drilling machine with different rate of power, many famous brands like Husqvarna, hilti core drill.

The diameter could be from 22mm to 1100mm.

We can also make laser welded dry diamond core drill bits for special uses.

The advantage of buying ChinShine diamond core drill bits:

1. Smooth and fast drilling;

2. Cost-effective, high quality which is at the top rank in China;

3. Suitable for most concrete cutting and drilling companies, customers have infinite choice on the function, super sharp and long life core drills are available. Sharp core drills are very popular in Australia and Europe while the long life one is best-selling in middle-east and India. Besides, we also sell to Turkey and Russia via trading companies very well.

4. Over 100 long term customers around the world.

5. OEM Service is available.

Welcome to buy quality diamond core drill bits from China professional manufacturer, you can get more than what you expect!

buy China diamond core drill bits from manufacturer

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