What are the concrete cutting & coring? What diamond tools are required?
Jan 17,2020

Concrete sawing system involves a series of diamond blades, diamond core drill bits and concrete diamond wire rope used by professionals to afely and efficiently to core and cut, including wall concrete cutting. Core drilling is the process of making precise round cuts in asphalt, brick and concrete to make smooth openings for different applications. There are many concrete sawing companies employ state-of-the-art diamond cutting technologies to make their project as precise as possible. A series of methods are used depending on the jobsite and cutting materials.

For concrete cutting projects, ChinShine provides these diamond tools: concrete diamond blade, concrete diamond wire saw, ring saw blade, wall saw blade, diamond core drill bit.

Concrete Wall Cutting:

Concrete wall cutting use diamond wall saw blade on a track-mounted saw machine that can be attached on wall and climb and cut ceilings. The common diameter of wall saw blade to cut walls between 16 and 64 inches, the wall thickness could reach 36 inch. Some complicated projects or thicker concrete, you can also consider using diamond wire saw cutting. Uses include cutting concrete stairs,cutting a gate, cutting openings in concrete foundations, full wall removal, and more applications. This kind of concrete wall cutting is highly skilled, requiring precise cutting, level openings. Concrete wall cutting system is dustless, vibration-free and quiet, so it is more expensive than other concrete cutting method.

concrete diamond wall saw blades

Vertical Concrete Cutting:

It is known as concrete slab cutting, vertical cutting is used to cut vertical surfaces such as cocnrete floors, concrete road, asphalt cutting and pavement. This kind of project is popular and easier than wall saw cutting, The cutting deepth could reach 32 inches to reach below-slab water pipes, sewer lines and similar utilities. For vertical cutting, the concrete saw blade is the most popular, the diameter from 4" to 64", we strongly suggest that you use the laser welding diamond blade for the safe cutting, because the diamond segments would not drop down during cutting.  Other typical uses include sawing to create new machine foundations, highway patching, plumbing trenches, repairing runways and to create stairwells, elevator openings, expansion joints and decorative cuttings. Some wall saw blades can be also used for deep concrete cutting. In Europe market, some people like sharp and fast cutting, ChinShine make Arix diamond blades for you, it is the best choice for fast cutting.

concrete diamond blades

Concrete Coring:

Precise concrete core drilling to make perfectly round holes with diamond core drill bit is the most widely recognized application in the core drilling system. Concrete diamond core drill bits consist of steel core barrel with diamond segments on the drilling bit end. The thread of concrete core drill bit is installed shafts of core drilling machine which is powered by electricity or hydraulics. Diamond core drill bits range from 0.5 inch diameter to 72 inches. The length of diamond core drill bit could be in 6inch, 12 inch, 14, 16, 18, even the THREE parts core drill bits. The diamond core bit segments including roof segments, turbo segment, V shape segment, Arix diamond core bit segments, etc.

Concrete coring is used to take concrete samples and analysis of rocks and other strata, but more commonly to create openings for pipes, electrical cable and heating, ventilation and air conditioning holes drilling.

diamond concrete core drill bits

For the concrete diamond tools, ChinShine export large quantity of diamond blades, diamond core drill bits and diamond wires to European market, Australia, and many more countries and area.  Welcome your inquiry about the technical consultation and diamond tools!

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