12mm Rubber Spring diamond wire for granite stone quarry
Jul 04, 2020

Diamond wire is more and more popular in cutting granite quarry. Compared with diamond saw blade and diamond chain saw, the diamond wire has the following advantages:

* Higher efficiency

* Produces less kerf and wasted materials, which is economical and saves cost.

Why choose ChinShine diamond wire for granite stone?

    Imported steel wire cable from Italy, high strength and antiflex performance.

    Rubber + Spring + 12mm diamond wire beads, designed for cutting all kinds of hard granite quarry.

    Outstanding diamond beads formula for cutting efficiently.

Diamond wire for granite stone Specifications

Application For cutting granite quarry efficiently
Components Rubber + Spring
Diameter of Beads 12mm
Technology of Beads
Beads number per meter 40 Beads per meter

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