Why use vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel disc for marble?
Aug 10, 2020

Related Name: Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel, Vacuum brazed diamond profile grinding wheel

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel is one of the most popular for marlbe edge grinding, it is applied with fused diamond technology. Its surface is high temperature welded diamond, not corundum abrasive of grinding wheel. Diamond is the hardest substance, with high hardness and sharpness, and a higher removal rate of the material. In addition, the new generation of diamond tool manufacturing technology – fusion technology can ensure that the diamond exposure is very high (up to 50%) and still firmly welded. Vacuum brazed diamond profile grinding wheel for marble is popular in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and other middle east countries.

The surface of a vacuum brazed diamond grinding  profile wheel is covered with a layer of diamond. Why the working life is so long?

The key factor of the long life of marble vacuum brazed diamond grinding disc is technology and equipment. The new generation of welding technology ensures the high strength welding of the diamond. The high-performance vacuum brazed equipment ensures the excellent performance of the diamond. This ensures that diamond particles wear little during the use and do not fall off. The service life is greatly extended.

What does pollution-free mean for the vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel for marble?

It means that during grinding process to marble slabs, vacuum brazed diamond profile grinding wheel will not lose sand and wear. No much chipping is produced, which is good for workers’ health. In addition, the traditional diamond segmented grinding wheels are not so fast.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheels

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