How to buy diamond saw blade from professional supplier
Mar 14, 2017

To buy the right diamond saw blades with good price from manufacturer, here is the information you need to provide for the suppliers:

Equipment or Saw machine - Provide saw machine with the power, RPM and some saw machine as more as you can.  Wrong diamond saw blades for your saw machine will reduce the blade's life and cutting speed, even make it dangerous to operate.

Diameter & Arbor: There are needed, if you don't know how to work out the diameter of blade, you can ask the supplier help youcalculate the diameter according the cutting depth.

Cutting Materials: The diamond segment is decided by cutting materials, different cutting materials must use different bond /formular to the segments. Tell your diamond saw blade supplier what material you will be normally cutting, the hardness of materials, its abrasiveness, even send photos to the supplier if possible. For example, the cutting material is concrete, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, or other super hard materials.

The diamond saw blade quality is determined by diamond segment, diamond concentration levels, diamond crystal quality. Ask your supplier about the different grades are available.

Target: Quality requirement on the diamond saw blade, such as sharpness, lifespan and smooth cutting; you can also tell target price to the suppliers.

Purchasing Rules

You get what you pay for;

Free always comes at a cost;

Bigger diameter of blade is unnecessarly, suitable diameter is the best;

Buy the diamond saw blade from reputable and professional suppliers.

buy diamond saw blade from China supplier

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