How to make the diamond saw blade cut faster?
Feb 11, 2018
After choose right diamond saw blade, how to make the diamond saw blade cut faster?  If the diamond saw blade cut slowly at the beginning, or the speed of diamond blade going down, the best way to improve the cutting speed is to find a hard and abrasive objects, like cured concrete, and stop feeding water for the concrete.

After cutting for a few minutes, then you can see the diamond segment cutting surface getting sharper, this causes the bond to wear away and expose the diamonds which do all the cutting.

Sometimes, people found their diamond saw blade is easy to distort. Many people apply more pressure to the saw to force the diamond blade harder into the material when it’s not cutting as fast as they would like, but this can cause the diamond saw blade to overheat and distort in shape, diamond segment drop down, it is very dangerous for the workers , moreover, it maybe cut the stone tiles edge chipping.

Generally, it is better to cut with water if the condition allows.

Diamond saw blade

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