An inquiry about diamond circular blade from a professional buyer
Oct 18, 2016
Dear Friend.

I am Mr XXX, head of XXX based in Mohammedia, Morocco.

I have been distributor of diamond circular blades  for Marble and Granite cutting since 2006 and I want to find a professional and serious producer for a win / win collaboration.

I am looking at first time laser welded circular blades for Granite quality first with good price:

Segment Fan-Shaped and Normal.

For Laser-welded Granite circular blade (50mmxSegment 15mm):
- Normal core: 300mm; 350mm; 400mm; 450mm; 500mm; 600mm.

- Silent core: 350mm; 400mm.

For Granite Hot Pressed circular blade(Sports 22.23mmxSegment 10mm):

180mm Iron Flange; 230mm with Alu Flange.

230mm Granite Hot Pressed diamond circular blade

For Silver Brazed Marble diamond circular blade (Segment Color Yellow):
- 350mmx50x10x25 teeth and 26 teeth.
- 400mmx50x10mm

Regarding the quantities after price negotiation if agreement we will do the quality checks and first small order for tests.

How can I get the best suitable diamond circular blades?

- (1) In order to find the most suitable products for you, you‘d better to bring us more information about your stone and cutting machine parameters.

The different stones cut:

Marble Made in Italy, Egypte Hardness Mohs 3-4:

galala commercial

Granite Made in Spain Hardness Mohs 6-7:


Workers use 2 types of manual cutting machines:

- Machine with speed 2800 rpm / 380Vlt
- Machine with speed 1400rpm / 380Vlt

This is a problem because we know that it is not possible to have a diamond circular blade of very good quality suitable for a powerful machine and not powerful, what do you think?

I send you some pictures of the machines used by our custom

1.Applications: Sawing / Grinding/Single Cutting/Muilit-blades Cutting,Slicing/Splitting or any other applications;

- Cutting

2.Stone Features:Hardness/Abrasiveness/ Grit Size/Pictures and Samples if possible:
Marble Hardness : 3-4
Granite Hardness : 6-7

3.Machine usage:Diamond Blades/Discs Bridge Saw/Table Saw and Brick Saw etc.;

- Discs Bridge Saw
- Table Saw

4.Machine Motor Type:Spindle RPM/Feeding Speed/Cutting Depth;

- Spindle RPM/Feeding : 2800rpm, 380Vlt
- Spindle RPM/Feeding : 1400rpm, 380Vlt and 220Vlt

5.Thickness for Steel Core (blade without diamond segment);

(For Diameter 350mm, steel core 3mm and 3.2mm)

6.General requirements for Blade Life,Cutting Square Meters etc.

(Good lifes time).

Thanks And Best Regrads.

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