• What is diamond saw blade for Dekton and Sintered stone Slabs
    May 03 , 2020

    What is diamond saw blade for Dekton and Sintered stone Slabs

    Dekton is one of the hardest artifical stone in the world, sintered stone is similar to Dekton, but not that hard and the price is cheaper than Dekton. High-Quality Dekton diamond saw blade should be used for bridge saw or table saws with fast and chip-free cutting. ChinShine makes the superior cost performance with reduced noise levels for the dekton saw blade, it can also be Used On Crystallized Glass and Other Vitreous Materials Uniquely Designed blade core Is Made of Two Hardened Steel pieces with a thin Copper Sheet Laminated Between Them, we called it silent diamond saw blade.This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application. Available in 12”, 14”, 16”,18” and 20” Equipped with A 60mm Arbor and Comes with A 50mm Adapter ring.Other adapter rings are available to reduce the arbor size.The diamond segment height is 10mm. Free Re-Tipping Service for long working Life The ChinShine diamond saw blade for Dekton and Sintered stone is a technologically advanced diamond saw blade that produces excellent cuts while achieving superior cost-performance with reduced noise levels. Specialtop quality diamond grits and a newly developed bonding system along with a narrow segment slot and fish hook laser-cut expansion slot design, minimizes the chipping on the sharp edges of Dekton and sintered stone. Related Articles: 1. How to choose good quality diamond segments? 2. ChinShine Solutions for Diamond Blade Problems -Diamond Saw Blade Tips & Troubleshooting 3. What is diamond stone saw blade? 4. How to make a good quality diamond saw blade?
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  • What is the diamond segment welding technique? How to weld diamond segments correctly?
    Sep 19 , 2019

    What is the diamond segment welding technique? How to weld diamond segments correctly?

    There are three methods to weld diamond segments onto the saw blade core: silver/copper welding diamond blade(brazed), wholly sintered diamond blade and laser welded diamond blade. silver/copper brazed diamond blade: diamond segments are brazed to the steel saw blade core by using a silver solder. Silver brazed diamond blade can only be used in wet cuttings. If they are used in dry cuttings, the silver solder may melt under the high temperature generated in the dry cutting and the segments can break from the steel core and be extremely dangerous. People use high frequencey machine or fire to weld them on blade blank. Wholly sintered diamond blade: the diamond blade is made by putting the steel core together with the diamonds and the metal bond materials(metal powder) into a mold and then sintering them in a sintering machine. Laser welded diamond blade: the laser melt the diamond segment and the steel core creating a stronger welding, which can hold the diamond segments even in high temperatures, so laser welded diamond blades can be used to cut many types of materials without water cooling.
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  • How to Cut Sandstone to Paving Stone
    Jul 10 , 2016

    How to Cut Sandstone to Paving Stone

    While harder materials like granite had become more commonly used in construction. Sandstone has been in using for construction projects for millennia. It still has applications for paving, because it does not require with processing finish. It is found in grays, yellows, reds and browns. People dig sandstone from quarry and cut to sizes of tile or brick. Currently, India is the primary source of quarried sandstone.  Instructions as follows: Firstly, use a quarry chainsaw to hew sandstone away from walls and niches in blocks. These saws come in different sizes: some are portable, but others require connection to a vehicle. These quarry chain saws are more complicated and difficult to use than a customary chain saw that you might use on lumber. Secondly, cut the sandstone to small blocks with sandstone diamond saw blade. Thirdly, mark your cutting lines to split the sections into smaller sandstone blocks or bricks with the pencil. Then, use the diamond circular saw to follow the cutting lines. This will prepare the sections for the stone splitter. Fourthly, use the stone splitter to break the sheets into sandstone blocks or bricks. Align the teeth of the top blade with the cuts you made with the diamond circular saw blade before activating the splitter. You can go back with a hammer and chisel and even things out.
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  • How to choose good quality diamond segments?
    Jun 10 , 2017

    How to choose good quality diamond segments?

    ChinShine has strong ability to research and produce special diamond segments for cutting various natural stone, such as quartz, andesite, basalt, sandstone, marble. Customized service order is also welcomed. In this article, how to choose the best diamond segments will be introduced briefly. 1.The particle size of diamonds: the particle size of diamond is big and single, there will be a sharp diamond and its cutting efficiency is good. However, the bending strength of diamonds will decrease. When the particle size of diamond is small and different sizes are mixed, the durability of diamond segment is better, but the efficiency will decrease. Considering above factors, the choice of diamond segment grit size in 50/60 relatively is appropriate. 2.The concentration distribution of diamonds: in a certain range, when the concentration of diamond changes from low to high, the sharpness of diamond segment and its cutting efficiency will increase, and the working life will extend gradually. However, when the concentration is too high, diamond segments will be blunt. When using different effects of parts of the diamond tools and using different concentrations (i.e., in the middle layer can be used in three-layer or multi-layers structure more lower concentration), a middle groove is formed on the work of the cutting tools, which is good for preventing deflection of diamond segments, it is much better for improving the quality of stone cutting. 3.The intensity of diamond segment: The intensity of diamond segment is an important index of performance of cutting. High intensity makes diamond not easy to be broken. Abrasive particle are polished on working, the sharpness will decrease, which leads to the deterioration of the cutting performance; When the intensity of diamond segment is not enough, diamond is easy to break after shock. So the intensity of diamond segments should be in 130 to 140 N. ChinShine(CS) Company has been occupied in research, development and production of diamond segments for stone & construction industry for over 20 years and has built excellent reputation around the world. Related Articles: 1. How to make diamond segments formula/bond ? 2. Is diamond segments safe? 3. How to choose the right diamond saw blade?
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  • ChinShine Solutions for Diamond Blade Problems -Diamond Saw Blade Tips & Troubleshooting
    Feb 18 , 2020

    ChinShine Solutions for Diamond Blade Problems -Diamond Saw Blade Tips & Troubleshooting

    Diamond Blade Become Blunt The bond of diamond segment is too hard; read the diamond blade instruction and check if you are use the right diamond saw blade. Glazed segments can be opened up by cutting the abrasive material, such as brick and concrete. Make sure the cutting saw has enough horsepower for the diamond blade, you can also check if the drive belts of cutting saw need tp be retensioned. Blade Blank Loss its Tension To make a premium quality diamond blade, not only about the quality diamond segments, but also about the blade blank.  If blade blank loss tension, maybe the steel blade blank has been overheating. Ensure sufficient water supply for wet diamond cutting blades. If the diamond segment bond is too hard may causing the blade to deviate the cutting. Check machine is running at the correct RPM that there is no wear on machine bearing shaft and that the flanges are in correct and same size. Ensure diamond cutting blade is secure and not spinning on the spindle. Check that the drive pin is in right place.  At last, make sure that the diamond saw blade cuts in straight lines only. At last, if you can't find out the problem, check if the blade blank has been used for many times, you may need to change a new diamond saw blade. Diamond Blade Overheating During Cutting Overheating is the common cause of diamond blade failure, overheating causes problems such as loss of tension, blade blank cracks, diamond segment broken and even drop off.  People can see the diamond segment or close to the segments become black. For wet diamond saw blades, inadequate water supply can be caused by blocked or damaged feed inlets. Trickle feed for dust suppression van cause excessive abrasion. Do not let diamond blade cutting under heavy pressure, diamond saw blade cut freely is the best way. Uneven Diamond Segment Wear Off Wet diamond blade cutting without feeding enough water, generally on one side of diamond segment. Check water feeding system, ensure water is equally distributed to both sides of the diamond blade. Diamond segment is worn out of round due to bad bearings or worn shaft. Replace good quality bearings or shaft as required. Segments worn in one side reducing side clearance (check alignment). Check wheels and wheel alignment on cutting saw. Diamond Blade Out of Round Diamond blade shaft bearing may be worn. Change new bearing and ensure regular lubrication. The diamond blade is too hard for the material being cut, resulting in the diamond blade hammering and glazing. Choose right diamond blade with a softer bond. The machine spindle may have a groove scored in it as a result of a previous blade slipping on the spindle. Steel Blade Blank Cracks Diamond segment is too hard for the material being cut. Excessive cutting pressure, resulting in the blade blank bending and flexing. Insecure mounting causes fluttering of the blade. Ensure diamond blade is correctly mounted, drive pin used clamp nut is tight...
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  • What is diamond stone saw blade?
    Feb 10 , 2019

    What is diamond stone saw blade?

    Diamond stone saw blades are the diamond tools that practically used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, basalt and other natural stone blocks, slabs and tiles. The diamond stone saw blade is also well known as diamond cutting disc, diamond saw blade, diamond cutting blade. Diamond saw blade isn’t anything new as it has been the primary cutting and grinding stone for decades. Diamond saw blade, as the name suggests is used for cutting and sawing stone for various purposes. Different diamond segment formula are welded on blade core in order to deliver the right cutting results. For medium size saw blade(250mm to 600mm), diamond stone saw blade is a power tool used for cutting various granite, marble, limestone, ceramic, concrete, and many more super hard material. There are different kinds of diamond saw blades including small hand-held cut-off saw, angle grinder saw, table saw, brige cutting machine, stone block cutting machine. The diamond stone saw blades often been used on stone saws, such as angle grinder machine, stone bridge machine, block cutting machine, this means that they have diamond segments welded on steel blade blank to the main working component of the saw blade. The major resistance produced in cutting stone materials like granite and marble cause the high temperature and dust, it requires the technology to be cooled down the diamond stone saw blade and remove the chipping out, prolong their life and decrease the amount of dust. The operator of the diamond stone saw blade must be qualified to do the job, because it requires skilled experience in operating the stone machine.  For other hard material to be cut, use different diamond saw blades. There is unique diamond saw blade to match the exact requirement of every object to cut. Related Articles: a. Best stone diamond saw blade supplier? b. How to choose the right diamond saw blade? c. How to design diamond segments formular and bond? d. Why should you buy diamond saw blade from ChinShine, why choose us?
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  • How to Use Diamond Concrete Cutting Blade for Dry Cutting
    Mar 25 , 2018

    How to Use Diamond Concrete Cutting Blade for Dry Cutting

    Before start to cut, wear gloves and eyeprotection. 1. Buy the laser welding diamond cutting blade, the blade core contain cooling holes, it maybe clearly marked for dry cutting on blade. 2. Remove water tube from the cutting machine and turn off the electric water pump. 3. When start to cut, do not cut deeply at the very beginning, better cut step by step for the dry cutting. For the thick or deep cutting on concrete, keep the concrete cutting blade moving up(not cutting) and dropping down(cutting), this can let the diamond concrete cutting blade cool down. 4. Dry cutting only in large open areas, keep air flowing.
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  • Why diamond core bit segment broken during coring?
    Oct 22 , 2015

    Why diamond core bit segment broken during coring?

    Sometimes in the world of concrete core drilling we face the frustration of loosing a core bit segment or two while drilling, more times than not it’s that urgent job that must be done NOW. So let’s take a look at WHY this might happen. This is written in regards to wet series concrete diamond core drill bits Manufacturing Fault One possible cause could be that a core bit segment might not have been brazed or laser welded on properly. If this is the case, the diamond core bit segment will more than likely come off within the first hole. Usually in the first 50mm depth of cut. To determine if this is the case, where the core bit segment is missing from the barrel, it will look and feel smooth. You will notice that the diamond drill segment is also rather smooth on the surface that was welded to the core barrel. This is most likely with brazed core bits. Don’t assume that just because a segment has come off drilling your first hole that it is a manufacturers fault. It can just be unlucky that it was your first hole and something within the slab or material has caused it to happen, which leads to the next possible causes. 2. Debris and loose particles. More often than not, a diamond core bit segment comes off or breaks because of debris within the hole you are drilling. This could be a piece of reinforced bar that has somehow become lodged between the segments while drilling. It could be something else like a piece of stone thats been dislodged. Sometimes it is hard to determine exactly what caused it to break off in this instance. If the diamond core drill bit has been used numerous times and then a diamond core bit segment comes off while drilling into the material it is safe to say that it is not a manufacturing fault. 3. User Error Yes, it could actually be your fault! Have you got water flow while drilling? Are you using the correct drill type and speed for the diameter size? Are you applying too little pressure to cause vibration? If your drilling through a concrete slab, are you pulling up before it hits the fill or debris beneath? Do you feed enough water? There are many reasons why diamond core bit segments can break or snap off. The above were just a few examples which came to mind while writing this.
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  • Use Dry Or Wet Diamond Blade While Cutting
    May 26 , 2014

    Use Dry Or Wet Diamond Blade While Cutting

    Diamond blades work best when cutting wet. The water will prevent the diamond blade from overheating and distorting in shape, it reduce harmful dust created by cutting, and will remove the slurry from the cut. Diamond cannot withstand the forces involved at the elevated temperatures of dry cutting ceramic and abrasive materials, and will be subject to rapid tool wear and possible failure. Blade life is greatly extended by wet cutting. However, many saw blades are designed to operate either wet or dry. Dry diamond blade should be limited to situations where water isn't available easily or used in electrical saws machine. When doing dry cutting, the diamond blade should be allowed to cool off periodically. Cooling can be increased by allowing the blade to spin freely out of the cut. Cut this way for a few minutes, then you should start to see the cutting surface get some shape back, this causes the bond to wear away and expose the diamonds which do all the cutting. This allows cool air to pass between the segments. Dry diamond blade cutting is dangerous for persons unfamiliar with the risks and process. After choose the right diamond blade, how to let diamond blade to cut faster? If the blade starts to cut slower than normal, the best way to adjust this problem is to find a hard surface like cured concrete and drop the level of water you are pumping over the blade. Cut this way for a few minutes, then you should start to see the cutting surface get some shape back, this causes the bond to wear away and expose the diamonds which do all the cutting. Sometimes, people found their diamond blade is easy to distort. Many people apply more pressure to the saw to force the blade harder into the material when it’s not cutting as fast as they would like, but this can cause the blade to overheat and distort in shape, throw a segment, this is unsafe for the operator and bad news for the diamond blade. Generally speaking, it is better to cut with water if the condition allows.
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  • How do you choose the perfect diamond circular saw blade?
    Mar 12 , 2015

    How do you choose the perfect diamond circular saw blade?

    Generally speaking, cutting hard or abrasive subjects such as granite, marble, brick, concrete, asphalt, steel and other similar subjects, diamond circular saw blade has carved a nice in the global industry for the outstanding performance in cutting. Choosing the right diamond saw blade for cutting is necessary condition to perform a cutting task well. Before buying diamond circular saw blades, you should consider the following items, 1. What material you are cutting? The match of the diamond circular saw blade's features as closely as possible to the material you are going to cut, for example, cutting stone, granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, and so on. Correctly identifying the material you are going to cut is the most important factor in choosing a blade. 2. Choose wet or dry cutting? When using power tools such as power hand saw, it is not safe to use water because of the electrical power source. However, diamond circular saw blades for concrete are usually for wet cutting because the concrete to be cut is very hard or abrasive. If the diamond circular saw blades are used without adequate water, the diamond segments themselves may break or the steel core below the segments may wear and break, and then the segment may fly out and may hurt the operator or people nearby. If you have to perform dry cutting for some reason, you should choose sharper diamond circular saw blades, and the dry cutting should be intermittent and shallow to keep the circular saw blade cool. 3. What is the height of diamond segment? Total diamond segment heights may be misleading because of non- diamond bearing segment bases necessary for the laser welding or brazing process. Many other factors affect a blade’s performance and consequent value. Consider the diamond size, concentration and quality, the hardness of the bond, the cutting power (torque) of the saw, and how well the circular saw blade specification is matched to the material being cut. 4. How to choose optimum performance tools? Is it the initial cost of the blade or the total saving cost? For larger projects or regular use, a higher priced blade will actually be less expensive to use because it will deliver the lowest cost per cut. For a small cutting job, you can buy the economy saw blade or cheap diamond circular saw blade.
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  • An inquiry about diamond circular blade from a professional buyer
    Oct 18 , 2016

    An inquiry about diamond circular blade from a professional buyer

    Dear Friend. I am Mr XXX, head of XXX based in Mohammedia, Morocco. I have been distributor of diamond circular blades  for Marble and Granite cutting since 2006 and I want to find a professional and serious producer for a win / win collaboration. I am looking at first time laser welded circular blades for Granite quality first with good price: Segment Fan-Shaped and Normal. For Laser-welded Granite circular blade (50mmxSegment 15mm): - Normal core: 300mm; 350mm; 400mm; 450mm; 500mm; 600mm. - Silent core: 350mm; 400mm. For Granite Hot Pressed circular blade(Sports 22.23mmxSegment 10mm): 180mm Iron Flange; 230mm with Alu Flange. For Silver Brazed Marble diamond circular blade (Segment Color Yellow): - 350mmx50x10x25 teeth and 26 teeth. - 400mmx50x10mm Regarding the quantities after price negotiation if agreement we will do the quality checks and first small order for tests. How can I get the best suitable diamond circular blades? - (1) In order to find the most suitable products for you, you‘d better to bring us more information about your stone and cutting machine parameters. The different stones cut: Marble Made in Italy, Egypte Hardness Mohs 3-4: Perlatino bianco-carrara galala commercial Granite Made in Spain Hardness Mohs 6-7: Rosa-Porrino Blanco-Perla Gris-Perla Workers use 2 types of manual cutting machines: - Machine with speed 2800 rpm / 380Vlt - Machine with speed 1400rpm / 380Vlt This is a problem because we know that it is not possible to have a diamond circular blade of very good quality suitable for a powerful machine and not powerful, what do you think? I send you some pictures of the machines used by our custom 1.Applications: Sawing / Grinding/Single Cutting/Muilit-blades Cutting,Slicing/Splitting or any other applications; - Cutting 2.Stone Features:Hardness/Abrasiveness/ Grit Size/Pictures and Samples if possible: Marble Hardness : 3-4 Granite Hardness : 6-7 3.Machine usage:Diamond Blades/Discs Bridge Saw/Table Saw and Brick Saw etc.; - Discs Bridge Saw - Table Saw 4.Machine Motor Type:Spindle RPM/Feeding Speed/Cutting Depth; - Spindle RPM/Feeding : 2800rpm, 380Vlt - Spindle RPM/Feeding : 1400rpm, 380Vlt and 220Vlt 5.Thickness for Steel Core (blade without diamond segment); (For Diameter 350mm, steel core 3mm and 3.2mm) 6.General requirements for Blade Life,Cutting Square Meters etc. (Good lifes time). Thanks And Best Regrads. Hassane
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  • The Principle of Diamond Wires Cutting from China Diamond Wires Suppliers
    Dec 03 , 2008

    The Principle of Diamond Wires Cutting from China Diamond Wires Suppliers

    In the 1990’s, in order to solve the processing problem of large size silicon wafer, jigsaw machining technology are widely used to cut large size silicon wafer into segments and pieces in the international marketing. Early jigsaw machining technology applied bare wire and free abrasive. In the process of machining, the free abrasive are added into wire and mechanical parts as the third party to cut. This technique is successfully used in processing of silicon and silicon carbide. In order to further shorten processing time, as well as on other hard material and ceramic, diamond abrasive will be fixed to a metal wire in a certain way, which compose a fixed diamond wires saw. As shown in figure, cutting lines with high-speed reciprocating motion drive the slurry to the cutting area, which makes the abrasive particles (SiC particles) in the mortar and the surface of silicon rod make high speed grinding. Because the abrasive particles have very sharp edges and its hardness is greater than the hardness of silicon rods, the contact area of silicon rod and diamond wires saw are grinded out gradually by mortar. Thus the effect of cutting will be achieved, and meanwhile the mortar also can take away a lot of hot produced in the grinding. In the process of cognition of diamond wire saw cutting mechanism, many researchers believe that the micro cutting movement of diamond grits is a scroll and embedded process. They put forward the "scroll - embedded" model. Li and some reachers put forward diamond wire sawing force drives on the abrasive grits rolling along the cutting surface, squeezing and embedded abrasive cutting surface at the same time. Consequently there is a flake piece of chip and surface crack, forming the big cutting function. Kao and other researchers pointed out that in "scroll - embedded" model, the particle movement also includes scratches, in addition to the rolling and embedded. All three work together for cutting. Bhagavat and some researchers considered the effect of pulping in this model and believe that the diamond saw wire leads free abrasive cutting silicon ingot of small area, and the movement of diamond wires saw and grinding pulping form a elastic fluid dynamic environment. They can use the finite element method (fem) to analysis the elastic fluid dynamics model of diamond wires saw and silicon ingot to get the function of diamond wire walking speed, viscosity of grinder and cutting conditions. Then they draw the conclusion: pulping film thickness is greater than the average particle size, is the flow of the abrasive cutting.
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