What is gangsaw segment & frame saw segment?

Gang saw segment, you can also call it frame saw segment, this kind of diamond segment is welded on gang saw blade(frame saw blade). Gang saw segment is one of the most advanced and common used diamond tools to cut large size mines blocks into slabs which cannot be sawn on block cutters due to limitation of depth of cutting.

The characteristics of diamond frame saw segment are as follow.

1. Gang saw diamond segment can cut large-sized stone block into large slabs which can not be sawn on block cutters big diamond circular blade due to limitation of depth of cutting.
2. Usually a set of gang saw contains 60-120 pcs of blade, the efficiency of processing stone slabs is high, you can expect big quantity of output, extra precision and evenness of slab by free and smooth cutting.
3. No variations in slabs, the stability of gang saw cutting brings little saw seam, high rate of yield, it can also reduce the consumptive material of the cutting object.
4. A obvious advantage of gang saw is that it is very environmental, low-noise, the electricity cost and labor cost is much saved for the stone factories,

We at Chinshine Diamond Tools have specialisation in manufacturing Gang Saw Segment and we are one of the largest producers of Gang saw Segments in China.
We have our own Frame saw Machine where we use to do Practical R&D for continuously. We provide Customised product taking into account the various parameters like Type of Stone to be cut, Machine type and Make, Blade condition, Machine RPM etc for each every customers and provide complete after sales service through our engineers team round the clock.

Frame Saw Segments& diamond Gang Saw Specs.

Steel blade Specs.

Segment Specs.

Steel blade Length (mm)

Steel blade Width  (mm)

Steel blade Height (mm)

Segment Length (mm)

Segment Width  (mm)

Segment Height (mm)





















Please inform the stone to be cut, feeding speed, expected life of diamond segment, number of diamond segment/saw blade, horse power of cutting machine, revolution speed of shaft when ordering the diamond frame saw segments.

*Other sizes are available upon request. 

We offer the best frame saw segment & diamond gang saw marble segments available in the industry which are not only of the best quality but are designed to perform consistently.
Our diamond gang saw marble segments are dimensionally accurate and are manufactured in accordance with the latest industrial standard.
We ensure that this product has been putting through a comprehensive quality test which is highly beneficial for our clients. All gang saw segments need to pass several quality tests before leaving the factory.
Apart from the overall upmarket quality of this product, it is also made available at leading industrial price which is widely appreciated. We have many quality grade and price grade for customers’ selection.
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