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diamond segments for core drills

general purpose diamond segments for core drills

ChinShine designs a general purpose diamond segments for core drills,  this kind of diamond segment could be used for drilling various reinforeced conrete and concrete with hard/soft aggregates or abrasive material. No matter what model number the concrete is (like international standard concrete C15 C20 C25 C30 C35 C40 C45 C50 C55 C60 C65 C70 C75 C80) and how much steel bars, stone or pebble inside it, the diamond core drill segments are forceful to work.

ChinShine diamond segments for core drills can be also used for various drilling machine like automatic and hand hold drilling machine with different rate of power, many famous brands like Husqvarna and hilti use this kind of segment for the core drill.

The diamond segments can be welded onto the core drill bits diameter 22mm-356mm.

Diamond core drill bits and its core drill segments from ChinShine are mainly used for boring and coring in building, road, airport, seaport, bridge, dam, etc.
diamond segments for core drill bits
Diamond Segments for core drill bits

The advantage of core drill diamond segments as follow:

1. Smooth and fast drilling;
2. Cost-effective, high quality which is at the top rank in China;
3. Suitable for most concrete cutting and drilling companies, customers have infinite choice on the function, super sharp and long life core drills are available. Sharp core drills are very popular in Australia and Europe while the long life one is best-selling in middle-east and India. Besides, we also sell to Turkey and Russia via trading companies very well.

Precautions During Working with ChinShine Diamond Core Drill Bits

1. Feed even speed when drilling, it is better to feed with speed 3-5cm/min, if the core drill is jammed, just reduce the feeding speed properly, if it comes to the crunch, you can raise the core drill a little and drill in again slowly. Don't drill rigidly, otherwise, the core drill and machine may be destroyed.

2. Keep the drilling cool by water always.

3. The machine can be closed down only when the drilling is completed and the core drill is dismantled.

4. Don't overload the core drill during working, when the temperature of machine is over 70℃ (feel hot), it is necessary to reduce loading and replace the core drill with a new one.

5. Protective gear is required before work.
diamond core drill segments 
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