What will shorten the life of a good diamond saw blade?

I am sure that my diamond saw blades are quite good, but why is the life much shorter than what I expected? What happened to this diamond blade?

The diamond saw blades be used up shortly usually occurs when a blade is used to cut the material that is too soft and abrasive for the diamond segments. The abrasive material wears the diamond segments very fast when cutting concrete, legestone or similar materials.

The best solution for this problem is to specify the correct and professional diamond blade and choose a more wear-resistant bond for the diamond saw blade, it means that the bond should be able to hold the diamond properly and the metal should be wear down at a right speed. Also, it is important to check the water flow of the cutting system and make sure the diamond blade is rated for the equipment used. Check the concrete saw and make sure the saw in good condition, before putting the saw into use, the cutting material, cutting tool, saw machine and the accessory equipment should be evaluated rightly.

Potential problems include heat build up and the diamond blade begins to bounce which will lead to the segment loss, core cracks and a very unsafe condition to operate the concrete saw. Also, the diamond blade will produce very poor quality cuts.
Potential problems will continue if the correct blade is not specified, and the continuous problems will make the cutting result and tool consumption disillusionary. The concrete saw cutter will not get the full life and efficiency of the diamond tool without the right blade matched to the correct aggregate.

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