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Wet diamond core drill bits for granite

The wet diamond core drills of this series are welded by high frequency, the core drill segments are sharp and more longevity than electroplated core drills and sintered core drills. Usually the length of the core drill is 10cm, and the height of its segments is 10mm, it is suitable for drilling granite.
Please feed enough water to ensure the life while using the diamond core drill bits tools. Don't knock the drill body and the diamond segments. Please drill vertically without shake. 
ChinShine Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits for Granite: 
1. Speedy cutting, long lifespan and no breaking of segments. 
2. Sizes of adaptor for threaded bit: M14,M16, G1/2",5/8"-11. 
3. Applicable for drilling small holes on various granite of different color and hardness.
4. We provide professional suggestions before and after sales for the users. 
5. We can also manufacture Diamond Drill Bits for other stone, like marble and sandstone, the formula is different from granite core drill bits. 
6. Dry granite diamond core drill bits are available upon request.
7. Buy wet diamond core drill bits from professional manufacturer at competitive price! 
Before placing order, please inform us whether you need sharp wet diamond core drill bits either longevity core drill as well as the adaptor, diameter and drilling object, this information is helpful for us to supply the most competitive products to you. 
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