The effects of diamond concentration on sharpness and durability of diamond saw blades

With rapid growth of demand of decorating materials, the demand of stone has increased substantially. In stone working, diamond tools is used more and more. Applying the most comprehensive diamond tool is diamond saw blade. To obtain the biggest performance of diamond saw blade, both diamond tools manufacturers and stone factories pressingly need high efficiency, high quality and high performance price ratio diamond saw blades. By constant tests, Chinshine has got clear conclusion that different diamond concentration, diamond grit size and strength has different effects on different sizes diamond saw blades. This conclusion provides effective data reference for designing diamond segments for diamond saw blades. Consequently, Chinshine is able to supply various performance diamond saw blade according to customers’ acctual application and increase the availability of diamond.


andesite diamond segments


The effects of diamond concentration on sharpness and durability of diamond saw blades were studied by cutting granite, cement and ceramic tiles. The results indicate that the higher the concentration of diamond, the longer life of saw blade under normal circumstances. The maximum cutting speed of diamond blade varies with the concentration of diamond in parabola rule, increasing at first and then decreasing, with a peak value which corresponds to the concentration of diamond varying with different diameters of saw blade and processed materials. The conclusion provides a reference to composition design of the diamond saw blade.

As everyone knows, usually the performance of diamond saw blade is evaluated in 3 aspects: cutting efficiency, cutting life and edge neatness. According to different cutting material, the edge neatness of some diamond saw blade can be ignored, so cutting efficiency and cutting life is the major factor to judge the performance of diamond saw blade. In designing formula for diamond segment, one factor is component of bond, another factor is diamond parameter. The diamond parameter here refers to the quality, grit and concentration of diamond, since these parameter have complex effect on diamond saw blade, usually they are inspected individually. The diamond concentration is a very important factor in affecting the performance of diamond saw blade. Traditional ideas believe that in condition of set diamond quality and grit size, the higher the concentration of diamond, the longer the life of diamond saw blade, the worse the sharpness of it.



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