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Orderly Arrayed Diamond Blade -DGS004

Orderly Arrayed Diamond Blade

Generally speaking, it is hard to make the diamond blade with sharpness and longinquity at the same time, it seems they are incompatible, but after the orderly arrayed diamond blade was invented by Korean, this issure was solved.
We produce and supply orderly arrayed diamond saw blade, the saw blade with diamond order arrangement can improve its efficiency and sharpness evidently.
Orderly arrayed diamond blade enables diamond segment uniform stressed, in this way, we can decrease unbalanced force and waste of material, then increase service rate and working life, the cutting speed is improved.
The features of orderly arrayed diamond balde are long working life, low noise and efficiency. Orderly arrayed diamond blades are used for cutting granite, marble, reinforced concrete, asphalt and other construction materials.
Orderly arrayed diamond blades make stone cutting no challenge!

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