Marble Diamond Polishing Pads

A spectacular marble project can be all but ruined if you do not use the proper marble polishing pads. At ChinShine company, we designed top-of-the-line wet diamond polishing pads for marble. Unlike many pads in the market, our diamond polishing pads are designed for rapid, even removal rates. This means you can achieve a highly polished finish with a minimal amount of effort.

The majority of marble polishing projects require subtle shifts that can only be accomplished by using a variety of polishing pads with different grits. We can make a set of seven wet diamond polishing pads that feature grit levels from 50 to 3,000 and buffs. They can all be easily attached via Velcro to the wet grinder, so you can make changes quickly throughout the polishing process. The pads are color coded, so you can easily identify the grit you are looking for.

diamond polishing pads

When working on a marble polishing project, pads will be most effective at 2,500 RPM, which is the speed at most wet grinder operates. However, if you are using a different grinder, you do not want to use diamond pads at over 5,000 RPM. If you do, the pads will wear out much faster. They can become unstable and fly off the backing pad.

We can help you find suitable diamond polishing pads, grinders, and all of the materials you will need for marble polishing. Our experienced engineers can solve all problems you might have about a project you are working on, and our staffs can help you find the tools that suit your specific needs.
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