To find the diamond tools that maintain the characteristic properties through the years has shifted attention to the use of high-tech composites in the design of large projects, such as museums, airports, shopping mall, railway stations, convention centers and business buildings, as well as for the needs of private house. Quartz and similar stone is an innovative material that answers this need for excellent performance. It is a mixture containing one of the most common naturally occurring white or transparent mineral, structural polyester resin, and UV-stabilized colored pigments. A process of vibro-compression under vacuum is used to press slabs of agglomerate that are around 3 meters by 1.40 meters and are suited equally for flooring, wall facings, and kitchen and bathroom countertops. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality diamond tools, we offer all operators in the stone field with precise and efficient solutions for various construction works like cutting, grinding and polishing granite, marble, concrete, limestone, sandstone, basalt etc. The company was founded in 2001 on the basis of deep knowledge of stone and super hard materials and is well known for its expertise.


Since the dawning of civilization, man has done his utmost to build solid, long lasting structures to be used as dwellings or for public functions; the design efforts had to be worth the durability of these buildings. This has lead to a preference, above all in our raw material rich land, for natural stone such as marble, granite, and travertine which are still widely used in contemporary projects and design. However, the needs of advanced cultures have gradually evolved throughout history as technology has also done without stop.

Due to the specific focus on high-grade diamond tools, our department wouldn't accept low-grade products order and low-price OEM order. With the support of senior professors in local university, we have established a super hard material lab specializing in researches in diamond and all sorts of metal powder, keeping refining the diamond mixture to manufacture diamond segments. In addition, we are a member of the diamond saw blades association and the stone association where we have the opportunity to gain acquaintance with the newest and the best diamond tools technique and stone from all over the world. Based on this advantage, ChinShine is striving to become the best cost-effect manufacturer of stone cutting tools and diamond tools.


Superior resistance to damage from impact and chemical agents as well as resistance to compression and  good rigidity are the fundamental characteristics that have mainly contributed to the success of this composite and make it particularly adapted for use in large projects. Its consequent ease of maintenance and repair over the long term add to its suitability. It is a low-absorbency material presenting a compact surface, so does not easily deteriorate nor stain, and does not require special sealers, which, to the contrary, natural stone does.


Quartz agglomerate is easily produced in a varied range of colors that, also because of their uniformity, offer great artistic variety. It is specifically versatility that gives rise to an ever greater number of applications that wed practicality and efficiency to the elegance of decor design composed of a single material. Quartz agglomerate also lends itself to the construction of stairs, tables, counter tops, radiators, bathtubs, panels, and built-in sinks. It is offered on the market in polished or opaque finishes with special processing to reproduce the appearance and feel of natural stone. These prestigious high-tech materials require high-quality processing tools that guarantee high performance for precision in use and reduction of removed material, as well as for the processing plant where they are installed in the quest to minimize downtime during replacement on production lines.


ChinShine's excellent professionalism provides its customers additionally with complete after-sales service, technical support and all the experience accumulated in over 10 year of business in this field. ChinShine has developed a line of diamond tools  for quartz and similar stone

.diamond tools for quartz


The superior performance of these diamond tools has gained recognition from many countries, such as Europe, America, Asia, South America and ChinShine has become their long term diamond saw blade, diamond segments and other diamond tools supplier. ChinShine serves, not only large domestic and international companies, but all operators in the field, including small craftsmen, workers and their specific needs. ChinShine's diamond tool are very economically competitive because they are perfectly compatible with existing technology and plants. Furthermore, tools for quartz agglomerates can be customized both in size and shape according to customer specifications.


The first step in processing these materials is diamond calibration which must be carried out on both the upper and lower surfaces of the slab. This process eliminates any pressing defects and prepares the slab for further processing. ChinShine diamond tool design is based on extensive knowledge of production processes and all the customer's needs. Consequently, cylindrical rollers and "Paccodisk" rollers are built to get maximum quality and efficiency in the finishing process while helping to reduce to a minimum the stresses on drive mechanisms. Smoothing and polishing operations require topnotch technology for slab processing. ChinShine produces 130 and 170 mm fickers for each position and grain size, to guarantee the highest quality results, and to provide total control over product processing.

There are also diamond squaring wheels or diamond cutting disc for cross-cutting machines that work at the same feeding rate of the production line and insure a finish of maximum quality. We produce, in addition, squaring wheels having special shapes that, not only square, but can also chamfer or trim slabs. Disks for automatic machines or workshops are produced totally in Italy, and undergo strict inspections that guarantee the excellent reliability and consistency of these products. The various lines and ranges of diamond tools are designed specifically for processing quartz and agglomerates and so insure quality and speed in cutting. Milling cutters, diamond profiling wheels, and diamond core drill bits are available for form grinding and drilling operations, to complete the range of products for quartz agglomerates.

Alloys and particle sizes specialized for each and every operation, confirm Italdiamant 's ability to customize its products almost without limit.

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