Diamond grinding wheel could be also called diamond grinding disc, including metal-bonded diamond wheel and resin bonded diamond Disc/wheel. Adopt welding or cold-pressed on a steel, resin (or other metals, such as aluminum) wheel blank. Diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding or polishing granite, marble, natural stone, concrete, masonry materials, floor, cermet with different diamond grits.

ChinShine has designed our grinding tools so that they’re not only easy to use but also have superior performance and longer life compared to any competing products. Plus, our customers will never have to wonder how a batch of our grinding wheels will perform, because we use modern, strict quality control processes to ensure our tools are completely consistent from batch to batch. We also produce a selection of diamond cup wheels, they are available in standard 4”, 5” and 7” sizes with single row segmented, double row segmented, spiral and turbo segment designs, so it’s always easy to find a tool with the features that your project requires. Plus with "sintered" and “high frequency” technique, you’re sure to find a cup wheel that’s affordable for nearly any budget.

Our diamond grinding wheels include: Metal bonded diamond cup wheel, metal bonded diamond grinding head, Aluminium Base Grinding Cup Wheel, Single Row Diamond Cup Wheel, Double Row Diamond Cup Disc, Segmented Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel, Resin grinding disc, resin bonded diamond wheel, resin diamond grinding plate, Floor Grinding Disc, Sintered Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel and so on.

Diamond grinding wheels can be customized according to customers' requirement.
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