ChinShine Diamond Cutting Blades Catalog:

Diamond cutting blade, also called diamond cutting blade or diamond circular blade, blade is the main product which takes up more than 80% in our sales volume of diamond tools. Our diamond blades are exported to America ,Europe and Middle-east largely. Our diamond saw blades are applicable for any type of stone(like granite, marble, sandstone, slate), quarry, concrete, asphalt, glass, ceramic tile and other constrcution material.
There are over 50,000 stone factories in Fujian. Fujian is the most important stone trade and production area in China, you can find out all kinds of stone here. We are the main diamond baldes supplier of these famous stone companies: Best Cheer Stone Group, Kangli Stone Group, Wan Li Stone, and so on.
We supply high quality laser welded diamond cutting blade, sintered diamond circular blade, electroplated diamond saw blade and high frequency welding diamond blade.
The diameter of diamond cutting blade ranges from 105mm to 3500mm, the size with inch include: 4" diamond blade, 5" diamond blade, 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18",20", 24", 28", 30", 32", 48" and other sizes diamond cutting blade.
By reason of stable quality and competitive prices, we have sole agents in many countries and areas. Welcome powerful companies to apply for acknowledgement of region agents.
Please inform us about the detailed products specification and its application, we will provide you the best saw blade according to your usage.
welding technique: sintered/high frequency welded/laser welded
blank of blade: silent/non-silent
Item No. Outer Dia. Arbor Segment Size Segment No. Object Note
(mm) (mm) LxWxH (mm) (pcs)
QXDB300-12 300 50/60 40x3.0x10/12/15/20 21 granite, marble, basalt, sandstone, concrete, asphalt Please inform us the cutting object, diameter&height of segment, silent blade or normal blade, high frequency welded or laser welded, thanks.
QXDB350-14 350 50/60 40x3.2x10/12/15/20 24
QXDB400-16 400 50/60 40x3.4x10/12/15/20 28
QXDB450-18 450 50/60 40x3.8x10/12/15/20 32
QXDB500-20 500 50/60 40x4.2x10/12/15/20 36
QXDB600-24 600 50/60 40x4.6x10/12/15/20 42
QXDB800-32 800 50/60 40x6.0x10/12/15/20 46
QXDB1000-40 1000 50/60/80/100 24x7.0/6.0x13 70
50/60/80/100 24x7.6/6.5x13 80
* Size ranges from 105mm to 4000mm, other specifications are available upon request.

Diamond Blades Packing:

diamond blade packing diamond saw blade packing

Single diamond saw blade is packed by small box or plastic box separately, then 5pcs or 10pcs packed by hardboard carton or wooden case together. The customers are allowed to request the diamond blades to be packed by color boxes which has their LOGO and company information on it. ChinShine company aims at concise and easy packing, it is to let the customers have direct favorable impression on the appearance on the premise of satisfactory of quality.

diamond saw blade packing

Large size of diamond blades are packed by clad plate case, it is special wooden packing, fumigation is needless. The big diamond saw blade the quite heavy, generally, we export it in container by sea. ChinShine company manufactures big diamond saw blades professionally, its quality is stable, the cutting is smooth and the diamond segments are very sharp, time and cost is saved in cutting. The core blank of the cutting blade can be recycled more times than normal saw blades, customers are encouraged to buy diamond segments of corresponding specification to do welding locally, it is environtal and economical. The biggest diamond saw blade we can produce is 4000mm/160inch. Mainly, the big cutting blades of ChinShine are used in stone cutting by bridge saw, multi saw blade and quarry saw blade, they can be used for concrete and wall cutting too.

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