Diamond Segments for sandstone are Highly appreciated by Customers In South America

ChinShine has been succeed in the testing of diamond segments for sandstone in Columbia and America.

Our customers in South Carolina, America asked us about the sandstone diamond segments with good cutting performance and long cutting life, which is hard for us, because for diamond segments, it is either with good cutting speed or with long cutting life. You can seldom find segments that are cutting very fast and at the same time with a long cutting life.

sandstone diamond segments

Although it is a tough subject, the Engineers in ChinShine spent much time in study the formula/bond to the sandstone diamond segments, after getting detailed information and feedback from customers, our engineers work hard on the project and finally figure out the solutions to the problem.

The first testing, customers are satisfied with the cutting speed, but not satisfied with the cutting life, it didn’t meet their ideal status. After getting detailed cutting performance report from customer once more, such as cutting speed, cutting life etc. We send another set of samples for testing, this time, we succeed, all our trials are not in vain.

Thanks to the great support and valuable advice by more and more customers, we are now able to produce top quality sandstone diamond segment and sandstone diamond saw blade for edge cutting and block cutting. The sharpness is satisfactory while the life is still long, the quality is similar to made in Italy and Korea.

Meanwhile, we are expanding diamond saw blade and diamond segments for sandstone market in South American countries like Brazil Cachoeiro and Vitoria.

ChinShine will continue to help customers with the problems in the diamond segments cutting of sandstone, marble, limestone, granite, etc. If you have any problems or the ideas of enhance the products quality, please do not hesitate to contact us.
diamond saw blade for sandstone 
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