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Concrete and Asphalt Diamond Blade for Joint Widening and Looping

ChinShine makes this concrete / asphalt diamond blade as a great choice for Joint widening, looping and cleanout. The saw operators do not need to use joint diamond blades in pairs to make 20mm width or wider cutting. The steel blade core and segments are specially made to reinforce sharp cutting at low noise level and long life, technology creates exceptional bonding and deep diamond distribution resulting in 50% longer blade life and 20% faster cutting. It will cut faster and stronger with higher HP saws

Looping Blade Specifications:
    Arbor: 1"

    Diameter: 400mm /16 inch

    Blade Purpose: Joint Widening / Cleanout / Looping

    Cutting Method: Wet and Dry

    Equipment Type: Mid to High horsepower concrete saw

    Diamond Quality: Super Premium - Long Life

    Diamond Height: 8,10mm

    Welding Method: Laser Welded

joint widening blade

Tips for using looping diamond blade

*Ensure wear proper safety gear.

*Read the manual and make sure to follow the blade manufacturer’s recommendation on specification of material to be   cut and suitability for dry or wet cutting applications.

*During operation, maintain a firm grip on hand-held saws.
*Before starting the cutting job, double check the looping diamond blades to see if there are any damages incurred   during shipping or due to previous use.
*During start-up or operation, do not stand in direct line with the diamond blades.

*Ensure that the machine is not dropped on the blade.

*Be careful to avoid burns from the overheated segments or hot engine parts.

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