Similar Name: Andesite Diamond Segment, Diamond Segment for Andesite, Basalt Diamond Segment, Basalt Segment, Lava stone Segment

Andesite or Lava stone is the most common volcanic rock after basalt. It is porphyritic, consists of coarse crystals (phenocrysts) embedded in a granular or glassy matrix (groundmass). The primary ingredient of most andesites is andesine, a feldspar of the plagioclase series. Smaller amounts of quartz or minerals rich in iron and magnesium such as olivine, pyroxene, biotite, or hornblende are also present.
After research andesite's feature and test to cut it, ChinShine company has designed two kinds segment formula for andesite. Our andesite diamond segments have been using in Indonesia, Turkey, South America and Europe recent years.
Popular Size: 600mm/24inch, 800mm/32inch, 1200mm/48inch, 1400mm/56inch,1600mm/64inch, any segment specification and size could be customized, you can expect a reply during 24 hours after you send inquiry.
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