Product Description

ADVANTAGE: The core is stronger than other core, providing good balance and low noise. The signal Chinshine MADE in China can satisfy high demands.

(1). --- A quick cut of Blade TRAINING Chinshine is 10% ~ 20% faster with less power than Shinhan Arrix blade when cutting hard granite. It's found when the blade has cut 2.5mm height, even if the speed is 20% faster than the cutting start.

(2). Low noise --- 0.5 ~ 2.5dB lower than traditional blades with silent core blades using FORMATION of Chinshine core muffler.

(3). Long life --- It shows that the life of the blade's formation Chinshine blade is longer than the traditional 30%.

(4). --- No chipping blade forming Chinshine is proved better than the blade Shinhan Arrix in flake. Not cause chipping at all because the diamonds on both sides of the segment are fine enough to provide clean cut and chip-free.

(5). Cut straight --- Several channels appear during cutting because of diamonds evenly distributed to keep the cut straight.

(6). --- The less resistance of the segment is trapezoid shape (wide at the top, narrower at the bottom), it will reduce the resistance during cutting.

(7). Consistency --- Consistent performance warranty blade formation Chinshine from beginning to end.

BLADE TRAINING of the Chinshine SUPER + laboratory is authorized by the best of GE's blade granite here.


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