What materials could be cut by using the diamond wire saw?
Diamond wire saw could be used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone and other stone quarry. In fact, diamond wires could be used for cutting all materials, like reinforced concrete, cement, iron, asphalt, ceramic, glass and so on.
Why the diamond bead and diamond wire may be ripped/destroyed during cutting?
There are four reasons that diamond wire and diamond bead may be destroyed during cutting, the first one is that the diamond wire saw has already worn out; the second one is not use the liquid cooling system, or not add water while cutting; the third one is diamond wire saw could not be mouted correctly; the fourth one is decline or rise its speed abruptly which out of it capacity.

What's the difference between sintered and electroplated diamond saw wires?
There's two different methods  to bond diamond for the pear: first by using galvanizing process in the nickel bath, second by using blending metal and diamond sintered in oven or in graphited mould.

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