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14 diamond cutting blades

ChinShine 14 diamond cutting blades introduction:

Diamond cutting blade is called diamond circular blade in Germany and some European countries, if it is used for cutting stone, many people call it diamond saw blade. Both professional contractors and DIY users like it for various application. According to Korean customers' requirement, ChinShine makes premium quality diamond cutting blade 14" with undercut protect teeth, and the blade core is specially made-to-order. With such protection, it is safe to cut soft and abrasive materials like asphalt. Additional core protection segments guarantee protection against backcutting. For reliability, laser welding is adopted to fix the hard bond diamond segments on the blade core, this diamond blade is perfectly suitable for cutting extremely hard steel reinforced concrete and old concrete.


diamond blade segments
Such diamond blades have been exporting to Korea, Noway, Germany, Australia and got satisfactory feedback after substantive tests.
The feature of this diamond cutting blade is that it is designed for delivering the highest cutting performance and long life at an affordable price. Its fast cutting speed and good sharpness can reduce the labor cost.
diamond cutting blade



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